The Frederick Creation Society is a non-denominational organization intended to stimulate discussions on the scientific and Biblical grounds of creation science. The topics of our meetings include Biblical/Spiritual aspects of a creation view point and scientific evidence to support creation.


John 1:3  By Him were all things made.


“A growing number of respectable scientists are defecting from the evolutionary camp … moreover, for the most part, these experts have abandoned Darwinism not on the basis of religious faith or Biblical persuasion, but on strictly scientific grounds…” -Wolfgang Smith.   Physicist


Many people are not aware of the weaknesses and harmful effects of evolutionary dogma.  It is not difficult to learn the basic fallacies of evolution and be enabled to counter this naturalistic philosophy.  The Frederick Creation Society has resources it can recommend or lend.


We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at Calvary Chapel, 244 South Jefferson Street, Fredrick, 21701.




            301-663-4508 or bob.scovner@icloud.com 



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