July, 2001-Mr.Sean Gallagher

"The Fallacy of Materialism" 

Mr. Gallagher has a law degree and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  He lives in Rockville Maryland and works for the Montgomery County schools as the Assistant Director of Facilities Management.  As an atheist and evolutionist in his teen years, he became a Christian and years later studied the theories on the origin of life. This changed his opinion and he was convinced that evolutionary ideas of the origin of life were without substantial evidence.

He gave a very interesting discussion of philosophical and other aspects showing that materialism is an invalid view of the universe and life.



June, 2001-Chap Gleason, (Mathematician and Statistician.)

"Evolution--Not by Chance"

Evolutionists say earth and life on earth is about 4.6 billion years old, and that in that amount of time all of the diversity of life that we now see here on earth was created. Chapman Gleason discussed the probability and likelihood that random processes could have created complex multi-cellular life forms.  He also gave an overview of his readings in various scientific disciplines to show that evolution could not have happened "by chance".  Hence, "Mother Earth and Father Time" are not the creators of the universe or of earth