December, 2003-Dennis Martin

Scopes Trial

At the [December 2003 meeting] we had a discussion of the Scopes trial led by Dennis Martin. This trial and the unprecedented media coverage for that time, gave a big impetus to the acceptance of evolution. Actually this had been the main motive of the ACLU in arranging for a court case. A very unfair and inaccurate representation of the trial was given in the famous and very popular movie and play, “Inherit the Wind." This also helped promote evolution and besmirched those with a Biblical view.  Dennis showed parts of the movie and demonstrated its distortions by reading from transcripts of the real trial.  As an unusual tactic, William Jennings Bryan, the lawyer for the defense was asked to take the witness stand.  Dennis said that the weak response of the famous, but not scientifically versed Mr. Bryan, and the harassment of the opposing lawyer led to him being denigrated and to the discouragement of many Bible believers.  Actually, most of the evidence promoted to support evolution at the trial has since been discarded by the scientific community.  



October, 2003-Jay Auxt

Carbon 14 dating and a young earth

          At the [October meeting], Jay Auxt spoke in detail about carbon 14 dating results which after multiple tests by the best laboratories on very carefully preserved coal specimens apparently shows that the geologic column was laid down rapidly only several thousands of years ago.  On the contrary, radiometric isotope dating methods seem to show the column to have been laid down with the oldest layers being over 500 million years. Radiometric dates deduced for example from the decay of Uranium to lead, seem less credible in view of changes in decay rates implied by recent studies. See RATE investigations on  


May, 2003-Dennis Martin

“Problems with the Intelligent Design Movement.”

In our May creation meeting Dennis Martin gave his impressions about the good and also negative aspects of the Intelligent Design movement.

This movement presents scientific information showing that an intelligent creative force brought life and the universe into being.  Those in the movement espouse various religious and philosophical views, some being agnostics or atheists.  Christian creationists agree with the scientific views of ID and understand the importance of this movement, but some of them think that by avoiding the important issue of who the creator is, ID does not point people to a loving relationship with God of the universe.


April, 2003-Dr. Floyd Murdoch

Creation Museum tour

The last creation society meeting was at the nature center of the MT. Aetna camp grounds, about 20 miles from Frederick, MD.  It was an outstanding museum with beautiful exhibits of preserved animals, mostly from Africa, insects and minerals among other displays.  Dr. Floyd Murdoch a teacher, world wide tour guide and bird watcher gave the history of this new museum and presented a lively lecture on creation, with various views on some difficult issues about origins. He then led a tour of the museum.    


March, 2003-Jay Auxt

Sideling Hill

Jay Auxt, a hydraulic engineer, talked about Sideling Hill through which a deep cut was made for Route 68 in Washington County Maryland. The exposed sides of this pass show many layers of exposed sedimentary rock in a U shaped configuration. 

Mr. Auxt gave reasons why he thinks these layers were deposited rapidly, and bent into a U shaped form while still soft. The explanation given at the Sideling Hill exhibit center is that millions of years of successive deposits were formed into their present shape by stress from earth plate movements. Disputing this, Mr. Auxt  presented calculations showing that the known qualities of rock, and the force required to have bent them so much, would have severely broken the rock layers, but they are smooth at this location.  Comparable structures are seen in the Grand Canyon.  These and other features at Sideling Hill are what would be expected from a huge flood as described in the book of Genesis.      



February, 2003-Dr. Otto Berg

“The Big Bang”

At the last creation society meeting, Dr. Otto Berg spoke on the "Big Bang" and other issues in astronomy. There are esteemed scientists, some non-theists, who do not accept the "Big Bang Theory" of the origin of our universe. One of the most unsearchable problems concerns the origin of the infinitesimally small grain that exploded in the "Big Bang."  This grain is thought to have been about a millionth the size of an atom and it seems unimaginable that it contained everything that would evolve over 17 billion years to become today's universe.

Adherents of the Big Bang Theory believe that the from the expanding intense energy of the big bang,  complex  and precisely organized atoms of hydrogen and helium  formed, and these light elements later came together in many combinations to form all the elements.  The origin of carbon by this means is vastly improbable, but this is the explanation of today's accepted science.  A noted scientist said he could not explain the origin of the physical laws governing the energy and particles of the universe and thought they were here before the universe arose.  Dr. Berg said if he could speak to the man he would say, “you are talking about God."

Dr. Berg stated that light is the limiting barrier to our ultimate physical knowledge of the universe. The outer part of the expanding universe goes at almost the speed of light, so waves from those areas would never reach us.  At the extreme of the very tiny, we could not see that which is smaller than the shortest wave length of light.


January, 2003-Dr. Per Houmann

Video presentation “Evidences, Part 2.”

In the [January of 2003] creation society meeting, Dr. Per Houmann showed a very well done new video titled "Evidences, Part 2,” which is mainly about fossils.  It gave some important weaknesses of an evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record.  Among these are: the lack of ancestors leading to the basic groups of animals that first appear in the “Cambrian Explosion,” and the absence of truly transitional fossils between groups. The video also presented some problems with a creationist interpretation of the fossils and recommended an open discussion and fair presentation in the teaching of origins.  The producer of the video was at our meeting and answered questions.

Dr. Houmann gave a devotional from Genesis, and said that the evolutionary case was alluring to him in the past but he had stood on his belief in the truth of the scriptures. It seems that during the years he has learned the scientific fallacies of evolution and was affirmed in his view.  He described a trip he made to see the intelligent, rare mountain gorillas in Rwanda. His daughter Petra spoke and showed a short video about a fine creationist museum near Frederick. We can give more details if you are interested.