January, 2007 - Jay Auxt

January 10th 2007, Jay Auxt presented five areas of evidence where the field of molecular biology supports a special creation.  The five areas were:

1)         Speciation

Jay began the discussion by comparing a complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, computerized machine to a seemingly simple human finger.  When damaged, the finger is designed to repair itself.  The skin can grown back together.  The nerves re-knit, and the blood vessels reconnect to provide nourishment.  Obviously the design of the molecular biological system of the human finger is far more complex than the sophisticated piece of man made machinery.

A similar analogy was then made with common parts of machinery and the genetics of various species of animals.  Machines that appear to be very similar may have significantly different parts, and machines that look vary different may share many common parts.  Such is also the case with the genes of various species.  The concept of “speciation” simply points to an intelligent Creator God.

2)         Information Theory

Information, to be useful, requires the following processes:

1.      Identify Need or Desire

2.      Articulate the Need or Desire

3.      Transmit the Need or Desire

4.      Receive the Need or Desire

5.      Respond to the Need or Desire

The concept of information/communication obviously requires an intelligent Author.  Many molecular biological functions utilize these “information processes” in order to function.

3)         DNA

            a)         Information Theory – The prime example of information theory at work.

            b)         The Aspect Ratio – Ever try to store an 8000 mile long rope without getting it tangled?  The DNA has the same aspect ratio (length to width) and utilizes highly sophisticated processes to accomplish this very task.

            c)         Genes – A single mutant gene can adversely affect multiple organs and tissues

            d)         Genes – Mutations are prone to occur in “hotspots” of the DNA.  This makes evolutionary change “convergent.”  (Evolution requires “divergent” change.)

            e)         DNA Base Mutations – Tend to migrate more in one direction than the other.  Once again – this is “convergent.”

4)         Viruses – The same laws of probability that allow viruses to mutate constantly into other viruses are the exact same laws that prevent this from happening in more complex forms of life.  A very simple analogy of this principle could be made with the letters of the alphabet.  If we were to “mutate” one letter in the word “BAT” we could spell “RAT” which is another animal.  Or we could even spell the word “CAT” which is even another animal.  Consider this analogous to the virus which is a “few letters” of an RNA.  On the other hand, try “mutating” a letter of the word “ELEPHANT”. You will quickly see that no other word can be produced – never mind another animal.  This is analogous to more complex life forms – mutations are virtually always destructive.

5)         Antibiotic Resistance – Bacteria that become “antibiotic resistant” are not necessarily “better” bacteria.  They may “appear” to have become better because they make us sicker.  BUT – from the perspective of the bacteria, these mutations are “neutral” at best and are often detrimental to their normal cellular functions – ie they actually become a crippled organism.

Each idea was presented with technical documentation, illustrations, and some humorous analogies.


February, 2007 – Canceled due to snow.


March, 2007 – Russ Miller

We had an interesting presentation by Russ Miller at the March 13 creation meeting. He gave much information concerning various aspects of origins, and showing the untruths in textbooks and school science teaching.

He quoted prominent evolutionists which revealed their anti-religious motives for promoting unopposed Darwinism.  Russ believes it is very important that young people learn evidence for creation and fallacies of evolution theory.  A recent Barna poll revealed 81% of youth leave church before age 22.  Russ thinks this is in large part due to evolutionary indoctrination.  

Included in the talk were significant findings that contradict earlier claims by evolutionists.  The coelacanth was believed to be extinct for 70 million years and to be an important link between fish and amphibians. However, living specimens of this fish have been found in various places, and they are almost identical to those allegedly 300 million years old, and studies show they are not a missing link.  Russ also showed that Archaeopteryx, a famous supposed transitional fossil, is very similar to present birds living in jungles.  A much more modern type bird fossil has been found that supposedly lived many millions of years before Archaeopteryx. Various scientists now believe the Grand Canyon formed much quicker than has been taught.


April, 2007 – Dr. C. Richman

Dr. Charmaine Richman led a fascinating discussion on world view and origins.  Obviously our world view is greatly impacted by our view of origins!  This was a lively discussion, however, as with any “open discussion” forum; opinions with no supporting basis or facts can easily be interjected by those in attendance.  The Frederick Creation Society adheres to a Biblically and scientifically based view of origins and does not endorse some of the faithless unscientific comments interjected at this meeting.


May, 2007 – Dr. R. Scovner and Dr. S. Christiansen


     The Frederick Creation Society meeting on Tuesday, May 8 was about the marvelous  complexity and design of human reproduction, development and birth.  We saw segments of a VCR, "The Miracle of Life" by NOVA,  which had the first live motion pictures, as well as still pictures, many greatly magnified, of human fertilization and fetal development.  


  A woman's ovaries release one egg a month for about 35 years.  This cell, as well as sperm, contains half the chromosomes of all other type cells, Haploid). The egg, the size of a grain of sand, moves through the fallopian tube to the uterus by muscle contractions and cilia which, as stated in the VCR, are the same as bacterial flagella, showing this amazing device has originated separately in various creatures.  Even once seems impossible by any known or speculated natural method.  


     About 400 billion sperm are produced by the testis in a man's life.  These cells consist mainly of a nucleus, tail, and fuel packs. Because they are haploid, they are perceived as foreign invaders, and attacked by the immune system, but large 'nurse cells" protect, nourish and move them toward torage tubules.  During sexual activity, they travel from the testis into ducts, through which they swim vigorously and enter the urinary tract where they mix with simultaneously released protective alkaline fluid from the prostate, high energy sugar from the seminal vesicles and lubrication fluid from Cowpers Glands.     


     Further amazing motion and still pictures followed egg and sperm until fertilization.  When sperm are formed, enzymes on the head are covered by a protective cap, but after a hard trip, the cap wears off as the sperm nears the egg, and the enzymes make a path through the nutritive layer around the egg.  After one sperm penetrates the egg, immediately the egg cell membrane changes and no more sperm can enter. The sperm head bursts and the egg and sperm chromosomes pair up to form the full number of 46.  As seen on the video, soon the fertilized egg starts dividing without increasing in size, and then develops and enlarges until, at 9 months, a baby is delivered.


    The program then featured Dr. Sandy Christiansen, ObGyn., who is medical director of the Frederick and National Care Net Pregnancy Centers.  She showed a DVD, drawings and models of pre-born babies at various stags of maturity, and showed pictures of a beating heart 5 and a half weeks after conception.  (The heart beat can even be detected at 3 weeks.)  She told why she believes a new human being is present upon fertilization.  

The work of the pregnancy centers was discussed.


   A DVD of the The Miracle of Life  is available from the creation society.




June, 2007 - Lou Reinagel

     In June, 2007 we had a very interesting talk by Lou Reinagel on "Ancient Giantism."  Lou has a B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Education, and has taught science in schools and a college.  He lived in Maryland until several months ago, and visits here occasionally.


    Fossils and historical reports give evidence that in ancient times many life forms were much larger than those today, some of which were otherwise very similar to present species.  It is likely these were more robust and lived longer than current plants and animals. We saw fossils and drawings based on these, including a 6 foot beaver, a 90 foot shark and dragon flies with 2 foot wing spans, as well as giant plants and trees.  Drawings showed human skeletons 11 to 13 feet tall.  The Bible speaks in several passages of giant men. 


The abundant and probably more nutritious vegetation, together with a healthier climate and fewer mutations, likely fostered large numbers and size of animals.  Scientists generally agree there was significantly greater atmospheric pressure, oxygen and CO2 levels in ancient days.  Hyperbaric chambers with high oxygen pressure induce rapid healing of wounds and other medical problems. Very large plants result if grown in experimental high concentrations of CO2. 


    The creation group discussed possible causes of environmental changes and decreased vitality of living forms.  The Biblical Flood with its atmospheric and climate changes, was proposed as a major factor.




July, 2007 - Jay Auxt

In our July ‘07 creation society meeting the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens was discussed.  Jay Auxt showed slides and gave information on the significance for the creationist view of this very important geological occurrence.

The eruption, witnessed and documented by many people, portrayed the tremendous power of catastrophic earth events and resulted in geological changes unimagined by previous theories.  The explosion on that day was equal to thirty three thousand atomic bombs.  This force and huge amounts of earth, water and steam destroyed much of MT. St Helens and hundreds of square miles of forests.

Multiple layers of sediment were formed in hours or days that according to most traditional explanations would have been thought due to millions of years of gradual sedimentation.  Canyons, one 600 feet deep with features similar to Grand Canyon, were cut through new soft and old hard rock in days.  Floating trees eventually settled upright into multiple levels, which was very similar in appearance to the Petrified Forest which had been attributed to successive forests over millions of years.  Coal was shown to form, not from peat bogs as previously believed, but from large tree bark accumulations as large floating log mats deposit their bark at the bottom of lakes or flood waters.

Fifty seven people lost their lives on that day.  All were adequately warned.  The same is true with our salvation through Jesus Christ.  We must all heed those warnings and accept His gift of eternal life with Him!



July, 2007

     In August 2007 we had presentations of a variety of subjects.  A brief video from Britain showed comical cartoon characters having discussions about evolution.  

      Dr. Otto Berg than discussed the Bombardier Beetle which has an incredible way of defending itself.  The beetle has two compartments, each with a different chemical.  When approached by a predator these chemicals are put into another chamber where, after another agent is added, they quickly react to produce a boiling caustic solution.  This then enters a turret from which it is ejected through a nozzle in a series of  bursts. The turret can be rotated so that the spray accurately strikes and deters predators.  

     Bob Scovner talked about studies and statements by evolutionists which strongly challenge evolution or support creation. 

     Non functioning or "Junk DNA" has been claimed as strong support for evolution.  Increasing numbers of these genes have been found to have important functions.  Scientific America,  November, 2003 in an article "Gems among the Junk" quoted John Mattick: "I think the future of molecular biology is going to be non-coding genes."

    String theory is a postulate about the basic nature of matter that has been widely accepted.  It is now  considered by notable physicists as a speculative idea with no supporting physical evidence, and which according to Wolfgang Pauli "can't be tested and therefore is not science."

  The postulate has been used to support the multiverse idea which is used as a way of explaining away evidence for intelligent design found in the precise strengths of physical forces necessary for our universe and life to exist.  See an article in Time magazine August 21, 2006and the DVD, "The Privileged Planet." 

     The actual difference between genes of chimpanzees and humans may be about 6 %. -Human Genome Organization Meeting, November 2003.  Even the previous estimate of about 1% difference is incompatible with the believed rate of mutations and the number of years assumed for the present divergence of the genes.  

  Studies of archaebacteria and eubacteria (true bacteria) genes have led to "one of the biggest enigmas in Biology."  It is believed eukaryotes, (cells with nuclei), evolved from archaebacteria (which still exist, and according to evolutionists are the earliest known form of life), but this as well as more recent explanations are very inadequate speculations about the origin of eukaryotes. -Nature, April 26, 07, Science,  May 17, 06.

     Soft tissues such as blood vessels, blood cells and muscles have been found in supposed 60 to 90 million year old dinosaur and other ancient fossils, which seem impossible in light of accepted scientific views that such tissues can last at most about 40 thousand years.

     Studies of the "Lucy" fossil and Homo Habilis, for many years considered as being in the evolutionary lineage of humans, have shown that these are doubtful at best as human ancestors. 

     Beaver fossils, allegedly over 160 million years old, flying mammals thought to be 125 million years old, and a large dog like mammal with dinosaur bones in it's stomach have seriously overturned previous ideas of when these creatures first appeared on earth.  

    Chirality is the phenomenon that some molecules have right and left handed forms. This is a seemingly intractable problem for purely naturalistic theories of the origin of life.  In living organisms, all amino acids are left handed and all DNA sugars are right handed.  Amino acids and DNA sugars, aside from living plants and animals, are in equal amounts of right and left forms.

 Many explanations have been proposed, but William Bonner, acclaimed as the leading world expert on chirality, stated,  "Terrestrial explanations are impotent and non-viable."  (I add that outer space origins are highly speculative.)

    Hibernation genes are now believed to exist in all mammals, although they are active only in bears, squirrels and a few others.  -North Carolina State University Journal, February 7, 2000.  It is reasonable to suggest that on Noah's Ark, many animals hibernated and did not need feeding and much other care.  Reptiles, birds crustaceans and other existing creatures go into similar states of marked decreased activity.

    Huge volumes of bacteria and other one celled creatures live in rocks down to 1500 or more deep. -Imre Friedman, Florida State University on the Nova DVD "The Search For Life, Part 6."  Possibly this why only unicellular fossils are found in rocks allegedly billions of years old.   

References and articles are available on these issues from the creation society.      



September 11, 2007 - William Hoffman

  On September 11, William Hoffman gave a talk with the intriguing title,  "Evolution is a Fact! A Creationists Proof of Evolution."  Mr. Hoffman has a Masters in Public Health and Research Epidemiology, is President of Public Health Research Laboratories, owner of Research Epidemiology Geographic Software, and is Assistant Adjunctive Professor of Public Health at Loma Linda University.

     Evolution was shown by pictures of man made devices.  The paper clip was invented thousands of years ago, and modified many times since.  Many changes in automobiles were also shown. These improved inventions were the result of intelligent design.

   The speaker thinks viruses changed from harmless into invasive destructive structures.  Many viruses are very intricate.  He showed pictures of viruses that look like elaborate syringes. They have pod like structures that attach to a cells membrane, a sharp piercing device, and a plunger which injects viral DNA into a cell. These take control of cell functions, reproducing themselves thereby bursting the cell and dispersing the viruses.

    Mr. Hoffman believes viruses became pathogens from changes which might be due to an evil influence in the world, which he did not specify.  (As an addendum, the writer of this report has heard and read of major diseases for which infectious agents are known or suspected of playing a significant role, including peptic ulcers, coronary vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and schizophrenia.)

     At the beginning of the program, we showed part of a DVD produced by Nova, "The Quest for Life, Part Six," in which Dr. Imre Friedman of Florida State University presented various bacteria and other one celled organisms which live in rocks of the earth down to at least 1500 feet.  Many live on methane or hydrogen.  These may be more in volume than all the rest of the biosphere.  Evolutionists believe that one celled organisms lived over a billion years before other forms of life.  Creationists can reasonably hypothesize that rock dwelling, one celled life has existed along with other creatures and plants since the origin of life on earth.     


Oct. 2007 - Dr Charles Jackson

      In October, 2007 Dr. Charles Jackson gave a detailed talk entitled,  "The Demise of Darwinism in 2007."   He discussed scientific findings and claims by evolutionists that rebut major parts of  neo-Darwinism.  Also, he presented novel, non-Darwinian explanations for evolution.

    A major discovery is the presence protein soft tissue in various dinosaur fossils, some supposedly 80 millions years old.  Microscopic examination showed fresh looking muscle, bone and red blood cells. Crinoid fossils, supposedly 350 million years old, have pigments which likely are proteins.  However, it is widely agreed that proteins can last no more than 40,000 years.  This is a significant problem for fossil dating.

     The status of almost all alleged ancestors of man have been seriously questioned, if not abandoned in recent years.  Among these are Homo Habilis, Homos Erectus and "Lucy."  Dr. Donald Johansen, famous paleontologist said in 1995,  "Nobody really places any faith in any human phylogenetic tree." -Nature, August 9, 2006.   

     Dr. Jackson spoke about prominent evolutionists who dispute major facets of Darwinism. One of  these, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, Anthropology professor at the University of Pittsburgh in an article,  "Do molecular clocks run at all" wrote:  "It struck me that this model of constant change was never challenged.  If molecules are constantly changing, it would threaten proper survival. (A) genetically modified organism is not the product of gradual molecular change, but a sudden display of the genetic mutations which may have occurred myriad years prior."   He also wrote "We cannot prove a whole lot in Evolutionary Biology, and our findings will always be hypotheses'. .... More importantly, we have to think about questioning underlying hypothesis, whether we are dealing with molecules or anything else."  

     Steven Wolfram, a noted  innovator, claimed in a long awaited book,  A New Kind of Science, that the universe is based on mathematical patterns.  For example, Fibernaci numbers (please google) observed in the universe and life. Implications are: either mathematical equations existed before the universe, or evolved.  The former alternative likely upsets mainline scientists who generally have written off his book.  

    Roger Lewin, Science, 217, 1982 wrote, "Natural selection can weed out some of the complexity and slow down information decay that results in speciation.  It may have a stabilizing effect but it does not promote speciation.  It is not a creative force as many people have suggested."    

     University of Massachusetts professor, Lynn Margules propounds the view that early primitive cells engulfed bacteria which eventually became mitochondria, the nucleus and other cell structures.  She also proposed that various cells got together, pooling their DNA, and this "hybridization," not mutations, resulted in the production of new organisms.  This latter view apparently resulted in the loss of her research funding. 

   Much more information was presented in this talk.  In summary, core beliefs of Darwinian evolution, such as gradual change by mutation and natural selection, are being disputed by prominent evolutionists. We have a DVD by Dr. Jackson on this topic which we can loan. He gave an update on new theories of evolution to our creation group in December 2008, and we expect he will meet with us in 2009.     



November 2007

In November 2007 we showed parts of a video Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 1, mostly about the Bombardier Beetle. After that we discussed issues about creation. 



December, 2007 – Gary Byers

    Archaeologist Gary Byers presented the results of his studies on the route taken by Moses when he led the Israelites out of Egypt.  He based this on the Biblical account, geography and historical records.  He also explored parts of Egypt relevant to the "Exodus."  He thinks the journey, starting in Goshen, where the Israelites lived, went south, then back north and traveled East through the Sea of Reeds and into the Sinai Dessert. 

     There are many towns and other geographical sites mentioned in the book of Exodus some of which are shown on modern and ancient maps.  Some are detected with modern high altitude photography.  A detailed account on this topic is in Bible and Spade Magazine, 2006 winter and spring issues. These can be loaned from the creation society. There is significant debate among Bible believing scholars on this topic. 

    Mr. Byers founded Frederick Baptist Church in 1974, and pastored there till 1991.  He then earned a masters degree at Baltimore Hebrew University.  He was on the Board of Directors of "Associates for Biblical Research" and is a consulting editor for Bible and Spade magazineand has conducted important archeological digs in Israel and other areas of the Middle East.