January, 2009 - Dr. Dennis Swift

     The creation society program in January 2009 featured a video of a presentation by Dr. Dennis Swift called “Dinosaurs and Man."  He told of his many years of investigation, and showed photographs of images of dinosaurs and other animals supposedly extinct for up to many millions of years.  Most of these drawings are well substantiated as having been made several hundred years ago. 

     Many extinct animals are seen among millions of petroglyphs (pictures carved into cliffs) apparently by Anasazi Indians in Southwestern United States.  There had been millions of Indians in thousands of settlements, but the Anasazi left for reasons and destinations which are essentially unknown by scholars.  Among their carvings are those of various dinosaurs, including Brontosaurus and Pterodactyl.  Also, many figurines and carvings of dinosaurs and other extinct species were found in Peru and Mexico.  Even a Conquistador sword showed dinosaurs.

      Mastodons were believed to be extinct for about 400,00 thousand years, but are clearly displayed in these rock carvings. and also can be seen in a three thousand year old drawing in Egypt.  Their presence with man in the last few centuries was believed impossible by evolutionary scientists, but drawings and the finding of spear tips embedded in Mastodon bones are strong evidence that men and Mastodons lived together.

    It is hard, at best, to come up with a plausible rebuttal to the conclusion that men had seen living dinosaurs, mastodons and other allegedly extinct ancient species. These representations had been known for a long time, but their significance has been elucidated only in the past century.  Interestingly, accurate carvings and figurines portray types of dinosaurs whose fossils have been found only in recent decades and thus could not have been copied from pictures. This is almost certain of almost all the other portrayals.   Petroglyphs show claws on Pterodactyl wings that had not been known about until recent years.

      There is a great deal more in this video which can be borrowed from the creation society.  For other information and resources on this topic, search the internet for Dr. Dennis Swift.


February, 2009 – No Meeting Due to the Weather


March, 2009 - Jay A Auxt

 On March 10, 2009, Jay Auxt gave a presentation on the misconceptions of the global warming hype.  For example:

You have heard:

But have you also heard?

The earth has warmed over the past 100 years

International temperature standards were not established until 1968

The arctic ice is melting

A submarine arctic volcano has recently become very active

Ice core data indicates that the earth has been getting warmer the past 100 years

The same ice core data indicates that life as we know it died out multiple times due to cold

Surface temperature data clearly indicates that the earth is getting warmer

Upper atmosphere satellite data clearly indicates that the earth is getting colder

As Christians, proper stewardship of God’s creation is crucial

To do that – we need to be accurately informed


As Christians, we want to be good stewards with respect to all of God’s provisions.  The problem is, with all the media hype on global warming, it is difficult to separate the fact from the fiction.  The purpose of the presentation was to provide simple answers to numerous questions to help Christians make responsible decisions in their effort to be good stewards of God’s provisions.  A complete discussion of this subject can be found in the book Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan by Jay Auxt and Dr. William Curtis III which can be purchased from New Leaf Press at http://www.nlpg.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=588&osCsid=10867dbcea0e56f69fdc7d5f2474ca0c



April, 2009 – Dr. Otto Berg

In April, 2009, Dr.Otto Berg spoke on the "Big Bang" theory of the origin of the universe.


Dr.  Berg has had an outstanding career in astrophysics and space exploration.  He is an early member of NASA and was involved in major breakthroughs in these fields.  He discussed the "Big Bang," which, although widely held as the leading theory of the origin of the universe, in his view, has major scientific weaknesses.  See his attached paper, It Must Have Happened.



May, 2009 - Dr. Albert Samuel

In May 2009, Dr. Albert Samuel, Professor Emeritus of Biology at Frederick Community College, gave a talk on “Our Amazing God and his Amazing Creation"      Dr. Samuel has an extensive academic and research history.  His education includes a B.A. in Botany, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, a master’s degree in Zoology from India, a master’s in Comparative Animal Physiology from Oberlin College, and a doctorate in Entomology with a minor in Biochemistry from Michigan State University.  He has done research on Cancer Cell Biology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, and in Immunology at the Navy Medical Research Institute.

He and his wife have been living in Middletown, Maryland for over 20 years, and have three sons working in various fields.  Among various parts of the living cell, he discussed Ribosomes, Mitochondria and the Reticular Endothelial systems. The precise, complex system of translation and transference of information from genes to proteins was described.  Proteins and other molecules are made in elaborate assembly line processes.  Much more was presented, and at least the basic facts can be found in biology texts and other sources.

Albert has strong convictions about the reliability of the Bible.  He gave a handout with a diagram of the basics of protein formation, and another with a quote from Martin Luther on the inerrancy of the Scriptures, and Bible verses including, "Where is the Wise man?  Where is the Scholar?  Where is the philosopher of this age?  Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world,"  1 Corinthians, 1:20.



June, 2009 – Mr. Charles Anttila

Charles Anttila, a certified video presenter for Answers in Genesis and his wife Wendye talked and showed a DVD titled, "FLOOD GEOLOGY."  It is from the museum collection Answers in Genesis, meaning that its contents are featured at the Museum. The subjects follow.  

1.) A brief depiction of what the flood may have looked like when it first started as the fountains of the deep opened and the weather changed dramatically.

2.) A discussion explaining how the present is not the key to the past, not how the uniformitarians see things.

3.) A clip showing some of the things that happened when the relatively minor eruption at Mt. St. Helens, mimicking much of what could have happened in the Great Flood, but in a smaller scale.

4.) Geology of rock layers.

5.) Fossilization and how it happens.

6.) Coal: how it is formed and why we see it in layers as we do.

7.) Rapid Speciation: how we got so many species in such a relatively short time after the flood of Noah.

8.) Distribution of plants and animals-How did they get dispersed so far away?

9.) The Ice Age: what might have caused it and some of the effects.

The following is a resume of Mr. Anttila 

·         A graduate of the Univ. of Maryland (cum laude) with a B.S. in Business & Management.

·         Employed by Volvo Logistics in Hagerstown as a supervisor.  Have worked for Disney, HSN, Hanover Direct and Josten's among others.

·         A 4 year Vietnam era veteran (USAF).

·         Attended Creation College II at AiG in 2006.  Am returning this summer to Creation College III for more training. Am available for classes/presentations on all creation related subjects.

·         While I am not a scientist, I have always been interested in it.  I have studied the related subject matter for some years.  As a result, I believe that I can give a reasoned defense of the authority of the Bible from the very first verse if given the opportunity to do so.  The Bible is a history book of the universe, it isn't a science book, but where it touches upon History, Anthropology, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, etc.,it can be demonstrated that operational science confirms that the Bible is true.  While it can't ultimately be proven to be true, since we weren't there in the distant past, and anytime we try to determine what happened in the past, our presuppositions always bias our interpretations of the evidence, the Bible does provide reasons why things are the way they are and how things got to be the way they are.

How we think about the first 11 chapters of Genesis affects our thinking in many ways; ultimately it determines our world view.



July, 2009 – Mr. Robert Cooperman 

In July 2009 the Frederick Creation Society was given a talk by Bob Cooperman, "Genetic messages-How evolutionists put the rabbit in the hat."

Mr Cooperman received a B.A. in Physics from Temple University and an M.A. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maryland. For the past 35 years he has worked for various defense firms, including Operations Research, Inc. (Silver Spring, MD), Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (Laurel, MD), Raytheon (St. Peterburg, FL) and currently Northrop-Grumman (Baltimore, MD) as a Sr. Advisory Systems Engineer. His main technical areas are radar and sonar signal processing and target tracking algorithm development.

Mr Cooperman came to a belief in God and Christ as a result of the creation/evolution issue, after hearing a seminar in Philadelphia held by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) around 1976. In 1989, after moving to Frederick, he co-founded (along with Dr. Otto Berg) the Frederick Creation Society. He and his wife Mary currently reside in Lancaster, PA.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research (ISBR) (www.ISBRMinistries.org) and the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR). 

Bobs' talk was mainly about the distinction between messages and messengers.  Messages in cells are information, and the messenger carrying messages are molecules.  Matter does not write messages; only intelligence does. 


Physics (matter energy) --------------->  Biology

 In theory, there could be no evolution until after life formed.  There would be no life as we know it without DNA molecules which hold the information that directs the building and activities of cells.  Where did the information and DNA originate?  

Bob said self organizing is a "red herring,"  He mentioned the belief that transitional forms exists is based on the assumption of evolution. Few if any likely transitional forms have been found, but they must exist if Darwinian evolution is true.  

The main area of his presentation involved information theory which concerns the transmission of information.  We were shown a curved black structure projected on a screen. When the field was increased it was seen that this was part of a letter. An even larger view showed this was part of a word, and further enlargement revealed this, with other words, made a sentence.  The meaning then could be understood, but the information originated from an intelligent author.  The rabbit in the title of this interesting talk is analogous to the molecules which are used by evolutionists, like magicians to distract us from the truth that intelligence, not matter, is the source of information and life. The message is information but molecules are the messenger. 



August, 2009 – Dr. Charles Jackson

    At the August 2010 creation meeting Dr. Charles Jackson spoke to about 60 people on "Is there Life on Other Planets?"  This basically was a critique of an equation developed 50 years ago by Dr. Frank Drake, considered the father of  S.E.T.I. (Search For Extraterrestrial Life) program.  This formula uses 7 factors of, for most of them, speculative numbers which calculate to show a high likelihood of beings on other planets in our galaxy with whom we might communicate.  Some of these factors are: the number of suns in our galaxy, those suns that have planets with habitable environments, those on which intelligent life has arisen, and the likelihood they have advanced enough to send communications into space.

The Search For Extraterrestrial Life program uses large radio telescopes around the world to search space for signals that could be messages from intelligent beings.  After 50 years and many billions of dollars, the results have been negative.     

The main flaw in the Drake equation and S.E.T.I. program is the assumed materialistic origin of life.  There is scant evidence to support this deep seeded belief, and most biogenesis theorists agree they do not have a credible evolutionary explanation for life's origin on earth.  Dr. Jackson elaborated on other weaknesses of the Drake equation.  He then answered questions on this and other topics. 

Dr. Jackson has 4 degrees, the last being a PhD in Science Education.  He taught science for 20 years from grade schools up to universities. Since then he has been teaching origins at churches, conferences and schools.  Beginning in 2009, he has worked with the Creation Truth Foundation, lecturing and developing science teaching materials for home and Christian schools.


October, 2009 – Mr. William Hofman

  Mr. William Hofman gave a talk on "Origins of Doubt" at the October 2009 creation meeting.  He wrote the following before his talk. 

 Origins of Doubt.

In order to perpetuate the myth of human evolution and the appearance of mankind on the savanna of Africa certain hard scientific evidence must be ignored. Origins of Doubt will cover some of the conflicting evidence and current Darwinist dogma. While the community that promotes the notion of evolution remains quite settled and comfortable in repeating vacuous theories regarding the origins of mankind, glaring scientific inaccuracies have been ignored.

Oddly enough some of the best challenges to current evolutionistic theology come from fellow theorists considered to be pariahs within their midst. Unfortunately, a fair amount of controversy exists within the Christian community regarding the origin of life and this presentation will attempt to expose the Origins of Doubt.    William Hoffman 


Mr. Hoffman presented weaknesses and some widely divergent opinions among evolutionists on human origins.  He also briefly talked about the significance of the almost universal recognition of a seven day week, as reflecting the Biblical creation week, and the obeservance of the Sabbath as a memorial of God's great creation.   

He has a Masters in Public Health in Research Epidemiology, and is President of Public Health Research Laboratory.

He is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Public Health for Loma Linda University.    



November, 2009 – Dr. William Curtis 

It was an honor to have a talk by Dr. William Curtis the 3rd at the creation meeting in November, 2009.  He is a notable aeronautical engineer, accomplished theologian, educator, and a strong proponent of creationism.


Dr. Curtis has made major contributions to aeronautics, and was Chief of Aerodynamics to the Director of Engineering at Fairchild Industries. He  retired from this field except for consulting, and earned a Masters in Theology at Capitol Bible College, where he was appointed Professor and Head of  the Natural Science Department and Director of  Admissions.  Following this, he pastored a church for 8 years and in 1988 received a Doctorate in Theology from Trinity Evangelical Seminary.  In 1990 he founded, and is now President of, the Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He is a Bible scholar and has written several books.


His talk was entitled  "Noah's Flood from 2 Peter, chapter 3."  "For of this they are willingly ignorant: that by the Word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of the water, whereby the world as it then was, became overflowed with water and perished, but the heavens and the earth which now are, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the Day of Judgement and perdition of ungodly men."  He discussed findings, particularly in geology, that support a worldwide flood, and discussed the significance of this chapter for the world.  Dr. Curtis answered quite a number of questions, and told of flood stories from many cultures which are very similar to the Genesis account.



December, 2009 – Mr. Lou Reinagle

We had an interesting meeting in December 2009.  Lou Reinagle, former physics teacher and Charles Anttila, a video coordinator for Answers in Genesis, presented a DVD of an important talk "State of the Nation" by Ken Ham, president of AIG.

The talk is based on a scientific poll of young people presented in the book, "Already Gone," which showed that by their early twenties, about 70% of students abandon Christian beliefs, and surprisingly this starts most frequently in the 5th and 6th grades.  This change of view occurs significantly more often in those who had regularly attended church and Sunday School.  Interviews revealed this was mostly due to a lack in their churches of Bible presentation and reasoned defense of scientific and other grounds supporting its teaching. The film and book should be available from the creation society.  Lou and Charles suggested the film, and I add, book, be given to pastors.