January, 2011 – Canceled due to snow


February, 2011 – Mr. Steve Schrader

Steve Schrader spoke about the The Da Vinci Code book and movie, and the internet series named Zeitgeist.  He recommends several books on these topics.

The DaVinci Deception by Erwin Lutzer

The Truth Behind the DaVinci Code by Richard Arbanes

Breaking the DaVinci Code by Darrell Bock. 

The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel

The Gospel and the Greeks by Ronald Nash

Reinventing Jesus by J. Ed Komoszewski. 

Steve is leader of apologetics at Mt. Airy Bible Church, and speaks at various conferences and churches.  For detailed notes on the topic see Da Vinci, ZEITGEIST or the Bible: Who is the Real Jesus?


March, 2011 – DVD, "Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?" by Dr. David Menton


April, 2011 – Mr. Bob Davis

Bob Davis’ topic for April was Extra-Solar Planets – What are they Telling Us?  For detailed notes on the topic see Extra-Solar Planets.


May, 2011 – "Music and Evolution," and "DNA, The Code of Life"

At the May 2011 meeting, Charles Anttila gave an outstanding presentation on music and evolution.  Highlights are attached above.   Several attendees and/or their family members were musically talented, and they agreed this ability is an innate gift. . .  Some told of their experience with musical abilities in babies.   


After that, we showed a very informative DVD,  DNA, The Code Of Life by Molecular Geneticist, Dr. Georgia Purdum   She presented reasons why natural selection and mutations cannot bring about evolution of new types of life.  Both of these really cause a decrease in genetic information, whereas evolution is based on an increase of information.  


In natural, as well as artificial selection, certain traits are bred out.  These changed varieties have less information and would likely be less adaptable in general.  This is seen in dogs bred for particular traits.  They are less viable in most natural environments. 


Mutations are almost always neutral or harmful. But, sometimes a mutation can cause the loss of ability to produce a type of protein, thus enabling a bacterium to resist an antibiotic, and thereby could survive if exposed to this drug.  But ordinarily, these mutants would be less viable.  Thus, these two main pillars of Darwinism do not cause and an increase of information and evolution.


It had been widely claimed as major evidence for evolution, that about 98% of genes are useless remnants of ancestral genes.   Analysis of 1% of these genes found that most of them have significant functions, such as the regulation and repair of other genes, production of RNA, and even the production of small proteins that are added onto other proteins. 


There are notable variations from the expected increase of genetic material from primitive to supposedly more advanced organisms.  For example, the human genome has 3.3 Billion DNA molecules (base pairs), but frogs have 1000 billion, and a type of fern has 250 billion base pairs. Also unexpected, is that about 50 % of "Junk DNA" coincides in various mammals, but the remainder does not. This is strong evidence against a common ancestry for these animals. 


There is more worthwhile information in this DVD, and it, and other videos, can be loaned from the creation society.      


June, 2011 – Mr. Gary Cox

At the June 2011 creation meeting, Gary Cox presented his personal testimony titled "From Willing Ignorance to Wise Understanding or, "How so Called Science was Deposed by Divine Revelation."  He founded and is superintendent of Walkersville Christian Family Schools, the first home school program in Maryland, a resource for many home school groups, and is pastor of Walkersville Christian Fellowship.  Quoted sections that follow are from a summary he distributed, and a letter he wrote.

In his elementary school years, he read, nonstop, Genesis 1 through 9 which deeply affected him.  As a teenager he attended a Catholic seminary where evolution was introduced in Biology class.  "While the evidence was of the 'we now know' contrivance, still, the bridge to trust was the truthfulness of the adult who held the respected position of teacher."  He was shocked and disheartened when monks essentially stated that the Bible creation account was myth.  He quickly deduced that if Genesis is not true, what about Jesus who taught from Genesis, and the gospel, for which Genesis is a major foundation.  He thereupon gave up church.  "I still had a tender heart and a desire to help people, so I decided to study psychology... Nevertheless, I pressed on with no other hope and got a 4.0 report, plunging happily into oblivion."


"God used a disabled auto to enable me to experience the love of God in a life transforming manner. A weekend with true 70's Jesus freaks changed my hopes and expectations ...What kind of love is this?"   Later, hoping to find even more love, he went to an evangelical church with his friends where he heard the Gospel and had a powerful experience with God when he accepted Jesus as his savior.  He soon came to appreciate that the Bible is true.  After graduating from Washington Bible College, he taught high school science, developing a nine week creation primer, and later a junior high school series. "The content of this course came mainly from works on creation written by John C. Whitcomb; you could say, my personal creationist mentor." 


He gave an account of a lunch he had with Medical School mates of  his sister.  ". ..one student noticed a creationist bumper sticker on a car...A very demeaning remark was made about creationists which brought out an immediate positive challenge to the critic by me about the science behind creationism.  This turned into a positive discussion.  Later my sister told me that my remarks had changed the young critic's heart and restored his faith..."  The young man was the son of a notable creationist author. 


Pastor Cox discussed miracles he knew about, Bible foundations of creation and the importance of recognizing God as the creator.  He quoted Bible verses including:   


Hebrews 11:3  "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things that are seen were not made of  things that do appear."


Romans 1:18-20  "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.  For what can be known of God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.  For his invisible attributes, namely his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse."  


We are grateful to Pastor Cox for his absorbing and thoughtful talk, and many years of service for the Gospel of Christ.  


July, 2011 – Patricia Auxt

Charles Darwin fully recognized the potential difficulties of his book, The Origin of Species.  He clearly showed that several areas of difficulties existed, and that IF it could be shown that no natural explanation is possible, his entire theory collapses.  Patricia discussed each of these difficulties and showed ALL of them defied natural explanation.  She closed by posing the question, “Faced with the facts, do you accept God’s word that defies contradiction, or Darwin’s word that defies science?”


August, 2011 – Mrs. Ophelia Bariza

Mrs. Ophelia Bariza gave an informative and enjoyable talk at last evening’s creation meeting.  She has a grant for the study of mushrooms in Washington County, Maryland, and has received awards for being an outstanding science teacher.  With the encouragement of her husband Daniel, an experienced mushroom enthusiast, she has become informed and active in Mycology, (the study of mushrooms.)  She has led her students on forest field trips where they found, collected and photographed many species. They have studied, performed lab work and had exhibits at various venues including the National Conference for Science Education. 


One site states there are 10,000 known varieties. Likely many more have not yet been discovered.  Interestingly, hobbyists have found many unknown types.  Mushrooms are part of the Fungus Kingdom and divided into Saprophytic, which breakdown dead trees which return nutrients to the soil, and Mycorrhizal, which help tree roots absorb nutrition from the soil. 


Mushrooms vary much in size shape color and many other ways.  Generally they are very nutritious, and although a good number are edible, it seems most are inedible due to taste and/or toxicity.  In some cases, different species look very similar, and it is prudent to make sure of the type before eating.  Some gourmet types, such as truffles, are hard to find and very expensive.  Mushrooms have been shown to have significant medical and industrial uses, such as cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Much research is taking place with them,  as well as attempts to find unknown species. 


Mushrooms themselves, and in their relation with other life forms shows intelligent design.  They are vital for our environment, especially since forests could not exist without them.  Mr. and Mrs. Bariza displayed a variety of wild mushrooms and books on this subject.  They handed out booklets with beautiful photographs about their work:  Wild Mushrooms of Washington County, Maryland



September, 2011 – No Meeting

Frank Sherwin and Dr. Safarti were speaking at local churches.  Many FCS attendees attended these presentations.



October, 2011 – Grand Canyon DVD

     At the October 11, 2011 meeting we viewed and discussed the DVD, Grand Canyon, Monument to the Flood, produced by the Institute for Creation Research.  It featured wonderful views of the canyon, and on sight narration by geologists Andrew Snelling, Steven Austin, George Van Burbach, Kurt Wise and John Morris.


     The canyon is the greatest exposure of the earth's crust.  It is 277 miles long, 2 to 18 miles across and up to 1 mile deep.  A major issue is: in what way was the canyon formed?  Dr. Morris said the same evidence can be observed by various people,  but the interpretation is largely based on a person's assumptions and framework.  One basic view is uniformatarianism; that earth's features are almost always a result of gradual processes over long time periods.  The other framework is catastrophism, shown in great events such as the Biblical flood, causing great transformations, including the Grand Canyon.  A major part of a worldview concerns one's belief in a Creator God and the historical accuracy of the Bible.   


                         Major findings about the Grand Canyon


      Many ocean and land plants and animal fossils are found together, showing that the ocean overflowed our continent.    


     Rapid mass destruction and burial of life forms.  Fossils of  crinoids and other delicate creatures and animal footprints are found.  Usually these would quickly disintegrate if they had not been rapidly buried.  Great numbers of Nautiloids, squid like animals with cone shaped shells, were buried in basically the same alignment.  This seems best explained by rapid flow of sediment in one direction.  


     Very flat sedimentary strata  extending over 200 miles along the canyon, which demonstrates a large area of flooding.


     Sharp boundaries between strata,  not the weathering and other erosion evidence that would be seen if there were significant time gaps between them.  In one sequence, supposedly 500 million years of strata are missing even though the upper layer sits on the layer just below that gives little evidence of a long period of exposure to weather or change due to animals or plants.      


     There is good evidence that after the flood the Grand Canyon was rapidly formed when vast lakes, trapped behind ice and rock, broke out and cut through probably still soft layers of the Colorado Plateau.  This would have rapidly carved the Grand Canyon and the bed of the Colorado River.  


     After the MT. ST. Helens eruption a  1/40 scale canyon ,very similar to the Grand Canyon was rapidly formed


      A  smooth, very flat surface of today's Colorado plateau  very reasonably was caused by the 

rapid scouring of the land as flood waters returned to the ocean after the flood.    


     There is much more information on the Biblical Flood in this DVD and the ICR book of the same title, and also in

resources of other creation ministries.  The scientific case for a rapid, recent origin of the canyon and as a monument to the Biblical flood has been greatly buttressed, as opposed to the claim that the canyon is a show piece for millions of years of evolution.


November, 2011 – Dr. Charles Jackson

In November 2011 Dr. Charles Jackson spoke to about 60 people at the Creation Society meeting on "Missing Fossils Still Missing.”  He also spoke in our general area at 5 churches, 3 Christian schools, a rescue mission and the University of Maryland where over 200 attended, including quite a number from the atheist group.     


At our meeting, Dr. Jackson discussed important information on fossils.  He elaborated on a National Geographic, July 1998 article about bird evolution. The supposed dates in this article for various bird fossils did not accord with their sequence illustrated in the same article.   An example is Archaeopteryx, which was dated 120 mya (million years old),

but positioned close to modern birds.


He mentioned surprising discoveries of actual soft tissue such as blood vessels, bone cells and red blood cells in dinosaurs up to 80 mya.


It had been almost universally accepted that proteins could last no more than 100,000 years.  One explanation proposed for this unexpected dilemma was that these finding were actually bio-film.  But, cartilage proteins in an ancient sea creature were clearly distinct from bacterial proteins.  The obvious problem is:  What are the actual ages of these fossils with soft tissue?  


Human like footprints were found in the same strata as the Lucy fossil, widely acclaimed as an early hominid ancestor of man.  The prints were thought to be from Lucy's species, but later examination revealed Lucy had chimpanzee type of feet, did not walk upright and could not have made these prints.  Although unthinkable to evolutionists, maybe they

were made by human contemporaries of Lucy.       


Important recent discoveries concern the origins of Tetrapods (four legged creatures).  Previously, it was thought Coelacanth fish, believed extinct for 120 million years, were ancestors of Tetrapods.  But these fish were found alive about 70 years ago.  They seemed essentially the same as their supposed 320 to 120 mya old predecessors, and examination basically eliminated them as ancestors of land animals.  Other fossils have been found and thought to be actual early Tetrapods.  Several years ago, a fish was uncovered and named Tiktaalik, which was touted as a significant link, and confirmation of evolution of fish to Tetrapods.  Incidentally, the artist's portrayal made it look much more like a Tetrapod than justified by the fossil.  But a few years after, clear Tetrapod tracks were found and dated 10 million years older than Tiktaalik, and therefore even many years older than the other alleged links.  Tetrapod scholar Jenny Clack, said, "the tracks discovery blows the whole story out of the water."  That is, by using evolutionary dates, Tetrapods would have existed long before their alleged ancestors.


Dr. Jackson presented other evolutionary claims about fossils which were doubtful at best.  He then answered many questions.


December, 2011 – Mr. Steve Schrader

In December 2011, Mr. Steve Schrader spoke on “The Documentary Hypothesis” which is a secular hypothesis intended to discount the authenticity of the Pentateuch.  Steve discussed the details of this seriously flawed hypothesis and presented significant evidence to support the authenticity of the Pentateuch.  Steve has provided a paper and his presentation notes on this subject which can be found on the “Articles” page of the FCS website.