January, 2012 – Mr. Jim Shipe

At the January meeting, Jim Shipe talked about “Origins.”  His notes are below:


Origin: The history of the beginning of the universe and the earth.


Truth:  1) The state of being in accord with fact or reality

            2) Having fidelity to an original

            3) A verified or indisputable fact


Pontius Pilate asked the question, “What is truth?”  He may have meant, “What is the truth?”


Dr. Richard Halverson, former chaplain of the US Senate used to say, “An open mind is useless if it cannot close on the truth.”


So how can we “close on” the truth about the origin of the universe and the earth?


Our courts of law determine the true histories of various situations on a daily basis. Here, the best scenario is considered that which is given by eyewitness testimony. However, eyewitness testimony must be backed up by 1) the competence and veracity of the witness and 2) the physical evidence.


Now, concerning our origin, we have two competing scenarios. One is the scenario given by Evolution and the other is that of the Bible. The table below is a summary of the two:












Faith in unknown laws

Created by God

Energy (mass in motion)

Violates 2nd Law of thermo

Gen 1:3 "let there be light"

Heavenly Bodies/Orbits

No reasonable explanation

Formed and placed by God

Age of the Universe

15 Billion years old

Created on Day One

Age of the Earth

4.5 Billion years old

Less than 10,000 yrs old


Spontaneous Generation

Created by God



Made by God


Descended from apes

Created by God

Order of Existence

Sun before plants

Sun after plants

Origin of Theory

Fallible man


Religious Basis


Biblical Christanity


Looking at a few of these in more depth, let us first consider The Age of the Universe.


1)      If galaxies were billions of years old they would appear as a random mass of stars rather than the organized structure, which we see.


2)      Comets loose so much mass during each pass of the sun that they cannot be more than a few thousand years old.




Let us now consider the age of the earth. There is much strong evidence for a young earth. Consider these points while bearing in mind that these rates involved are today’s rates and that they have probably been drastically different in the past and also that an age of 200 million years or less would destroy evolution:


1)      The amount of sediment on the ocean floor could accumulate in only 12 million years, however, Evolution requires that the oceans be 3 billion years old.

2)      The amount of sodium in the oceans would accumulate in only 62 million years.

3)      The earth’s magnetic field is decaying at a rate that would indicate that the earth is less than 10,000 years old vs the 4.5 billion years that Evolution speculates.

4)      The decay of uranium 238 is probably the best evidence of the earth being 4.5 billion years old, however, the helium that is a product of that decay has not dissipated as it should have in that amount of time. Instead we see that all the helium is still in the vicinity of the decay elements indicating that the rocks are only about 6000 years old according to independent unbiased testing.

5)      The fact that carbon 14 is found in all coal and diamond tested indicates that these are less than 50,000 years old and not the millions of years that evolution requires. In 50,000 years carbon 14 would have decayed to the point that it is undetectable.

6)      The number of stone-age skeletons found indicates that that age lasted only a few hundred years vs the 100,000 years that Evolution requires.

7)      Archeology indicates that agriculture has only been practiced for a few thousand years vs the 100,000 years that Evolution should indicate.

8)      Recorded history only goes back about 4500 years.


Concerning the origin of life, Evolution rests on spontaneous generation – a theory that was debunked over 100 years ago by the brilliant biologist Louis Pasteur. Pasteur demonstrated that fermentation is caused by the growth of micro-organisms, and that the emergent growth of bacteria in nutrient broths is not due to spontaneous generation but rather to biogenesis (Omne vivum ex vivo “All life is from life”). Today we know much more about the extreme complexity of life and the gigantic volume of detailed information required to make it possible, than was available to Pasteur. The scientific evidence is taking us further away from evolution.


Therefore, the Church need not compromise with evolution. God, who does not lie, has given us His Word and we should take it for what it clearly says and not twist it to say something that is more compatible with the false religion of the day.



February, 2012 – Dr. Per Houmann


At the Creation Society meeting held on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012, Per Houmann gave a talk on the human heart and circulatory system which he entitled "A Matter of the Heart" 


The Human heart is a wonder of design and function. It beats 100,000 times, pumping 2000 gallons of blood a day thru 60,000 miles of blood vessels.  In his presentation he gave a condensed view of the anatomy and physiology of the heart, blood vessels, blood, bone, lungs and kidneys and how they are interrelated in their function and balance of the essence of life.  In short, he showed that the heart cannot exist without the blood which it pumps, nor can the bones exist without the heart that pumps the blood which is produced in the bone marrow, nor can the lungs exist without the heart pumping the blood that needs to be oxygenated in the lungs for the heart muscle to continue to exist and function.  In addition, the kidneys need all of the above organs and blood tissue to monitor blood levels and, if necessary, release the hormone erythropoietin, which triggers increased blood cell production in the bone marrow, which needs the heart, which needs the lungs, which need each other, etc, etc, etc.


In other words, the human body is an irreducibly complex system.  Man was created as a fully functioning being and all organs and systems began to function simultaneously.  There is no other logical explanation.  As the talk was titled, rejecting this as a creation of God is to a large degree "A Matter of the Heart.”


"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."  Genesis 2:7 KJV


"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."  Genesis 1:27 NKJV


"I will praise You; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works; and that my soul knows very well."  Psalm 139:14 NKJV


Dr. Per Houmann is an area Dentist, and has practiced his profession as a missionary in Rwanda.



March, 2012 – Mr. Jon Saboe


In March, 2012 Jon Saboe spoke to the creation group on “Information, Evolution's Achilles Heel.”  He had presented a talk to our group in March, 2010, “Early Man, Created Intelligent from the Beginning.”  Jon is a computer expert, Concert Pianist and Chess Champion.  He has authored two historical novels; the award winning “Journey of Peleg,” and “The Days of Lamech.”  He has a creation ministry with a very interesting web site, www.EvolutionisDead.com.


Mr. Saboe explained that information in cells is encoded in genes but did not originate in genes.  Information came from outside and was encoded in DNA letters to form these highly effective stores of information. This is translated into a messenger code which in turn is decoded by ribosomes to produce thousands of varieties of proteins from which all cells are made, as well as enzymes and hormones.  Mr. Saboe described how the information and complex translation system is analogous to languages between people with tenses, moods and genders.  Information from people's minds is formed into verbal messages which are transmitted by sound waves to another person where the information is translated and understood.


To contrast the difference between mere noise and information, Jon surprised the audience by banging on piano keys, and then playing a beautiful passage from Chopin.


In conclusion, there is no known origin of information except a mind, and it is very reasonable that this source is God, the creator of the universe.




May, 2012 – Mr. Gary Byers


In May, 2012 Gary Byers gave a presentation on the historical reliability of the Bible.  He is on the board of Associates for Biblical Research and has led explorations in the Middle East including the dig at the likely site of the city of Ai mentioned in the Book of Joshua.  Gary is also pastor of Helping Up Mission in Baltimore which serves 300 men in residence.  


Gary described ancient Babylon and showed photographs of well preserved, colorful wall paintings and artists renditions based on ancient writings and archaeological findings.  An example of the latter is the hanging gardens, an amazing engineering and artistic achievement.  There are many inscriptions, including one from Nebuchadnezzar, in which he tells of his conquest of Judea and exile of its people, which substantiates Bible accounts of these events.   Bible skeptics in the past had claimed the Jewish exile in Babylon was not historical.


An outstanding discovery was the Cyrus Cylinder which has decrees by King Cyrus encouraging captured peoples to return to their homelands to worship their gods, which is in accord with the books of Ezra and 2nd Chronicles.  


Bible critics claimed King David was a mythical figure, and Jerusalem merely a small, insignificant city.  But recently translated inscriptions mention the house of David, and excavations in Jerusalem uncovered a large walled city from the time of King David.  Many assertions against the accuracy of the Bible have basically been disproved.


Gary concluded by saying we can trust the Bible for what it states about the past and the future, but importantly, we should trust it for our lives in the present.  ABR has a strong stand for Biblical creation, a fine periodical: Bible and Spade, and web site, www.BibleArchaeology.org.




June, 2012 – Mr. Jay Auxt


On Tuesday, June 12, Jay Auxt spoke on "Creation Science - A Tremendous Witnessing Tool."  Mr. Auxt is on the board of directors of The Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research, teaches at Antietam Bible College, and is an active speaker on creation science topics.


The presentation began with a discussion on the fact that witnessing is often quite different from years before.  The adversary has spread considerable confusion amongst the masses.  However, quoting Romans 1:20, Mr. Auxt showed that creation science should be an effective witnessing tool that everyone can relate to.  He then discussed various common stumbling blocks of today and indicated that sometimes, when witnessing, we may need to first overcome some of these stumbling blocks.  He also mentioned the need to understand that it is not our responsibility to "save" an individual.  That is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Quite often, "planting a seed" is a very productive outcome.


Mr. Auxt then discussed the "How long ago?" and "How long did it take?" questions.  He displayed a spreadsheet showing an unbroken chronological genealogy from Adam to Joseph (less than 2200 years) who entered the Egyptian empire, a well-documented event. He then showed the clear Biblical account of the 6 day creation described in Genesis 1 which is reconfirmed in multiple other Biblical passages.  Next, he stressed that this is a controversial issue and that he knows numerous solid Christians who do not subscribe to a young earth, but - it is worth discussing as a witnessing tool because it is such a major stumbling block for so many people.


He then discussed the importance of asking questions for multiple reasons.  For one, how can we know what their stumbling blocks are if we do not ask questions?  For two, why should they listen to us, if we do not listen to them?  Three, it would make no sense to alienate an individual by pounding on him from an unproductive direction.  Four, by continuing to ask questions, the individual may see the weakness or fallacies of his own logic (or lack thereof.)


Mr. Auxt then walked through multiple examples of how we may use creation science as a witnessing tool.  Some of these examples came from a young earth perspective.  Some came from a perspective where the age of the earth is not even a factor.  Each example was intended to show how some of the stumbling blocks discussed earlier can be addressed and then how ultimately, using the science and the Bible, the discussion can progress to Jesus Christ as the Son of God and source of our salvation.


He then closed by discussing several "What if?" questions.  All too often we get discouraged if we feel our witnessing is ineffective.  Thus, this discussion illustrated that our focus should be on the person we are witnessing to, not on the details of "who scored what points" or how we "feel" afterwards.


Notes can be found at http://www.auxtbcr.info/Presentations.html.




July, 2012 – Mr. Mike Shelton


On Tuesday, July 17, Mike Shelton gave a delightful presentation entitled "The Amazing Design of Birds: The Heart / Lung System."  For in depth notes on the presentation, see Bird Design.pdf.  Mike has also written an interesting article on the year of Darwin and the damage of evolution; see Brace for Impact.pdf.



In July 2012 a superb presentation was given by Michael Shelton about the attributes of modern airplanes compared with the wonder of the many kinds and species of birds, their abilities, and their design. He is a retired Navy pilot with over 600 aircraft carrier landings, and earned a Masters of Aeronautical Engineering degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.  He is now a computer engineer for Test and Evaluation of IT Systems for the Marines at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia.


Please see Mike's attached article on birds, planes and information science.  Few of us are familiar with technical facts of aeronautical engineering. The main points are that elaborate research and testing goes into the development of new aircraft.  The amazing power, stability and maneuverability of modern jets is enabled by computers and other advanced technology.  Flight control is largely automatic and very precise as in the ability of planes to self-adjust direction, pitch and roll. 


Birds flight is analogous to that of man made aircraft.  Birds are wonderfully made with unique heart and respiratory systems, very light bones, and precisely controlled feathers.  Essentially they are born with automatic flight control.  In other words, birds come pre-packaged with all the design attributes needed for flight and sophisticated navigation.  Birds use the same techniques and aerodynamic devices as planes, as was demonstrated in a YouTube slow-motion video of an Owl about to land.




September, 2012 – Mr. Bob Davis


In September 2012, astronomer Bob Davis presented recent observations that challenge the present mainline cosmological theory.  Bob has spoken to our group a few times before, and recently received a Master Degree in Astrophysics.


A current dilemma for evolutionary cosmologists is that as more information is gathered from deep space, it contradicts their theories about the evolution of the universe.  The universe is believed to have originated in a big bang, 14.5 Billion years ago, and evolved over billions of years to a mature state.   According to the current model, the further out we look, the younger stars and galaxies should appear, since we are seeing back in time and observe them as they were earlier in the history of the universe.  But recent observations of very distant space, as it supposedly looked when the universe was very young, show mature stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The distant universe appears billions of years older than thought. 


In our Milky Way, a mature Galaxy, it is believed we can see stars as they allegedly were no more than one hundred thousand years ago.  Recently some have been found that appear very young, though they are thought to be10 Billion years old.  Proponents of the modern cosmological model have serious problems with these unexpected findings near and far.  




October, 2012 – Dr. Charles Jackson


In October 2012  Dr. Charles Jackson gave an outstanding talk on recently published data from the world wide ENCODE project about "Junk Genes.  Basically only about 2 %of DNA codes for proteins and the remaining 98% of DNA, until recent years had few known functions. They were claimed to be remnants from evolutionary ancestors, which by mutating are a resource for new genes leading to evolutionary innovations.  Evolutionists have stated "Junk Genes," by mutating, are a resource for new genes, leading to evolution of new features.   


The ENCODE study demonstrated at least 80 % of so called "Junk genes" (also called "Junk DNA") have roles in regulating other genes, including those that code for proteins.  The vast complex system has hierarchies of function, turning other genes on and off.  Some participants in the ongoing study think 100% of our genes may be functional. "Junk DNA" has been proclaimed as major evidence for evolution, and this large study is an important blow to this widely believed theory of origins.    


Years ago "Dr.Jackson taught science in a large Baptist college where he was the only creationist in the Biology department.  Some of the teachers questioned him about "Junk DNA," and when he said that functions would likely be discovered, he was ridiculed.  In a few years he was refused tenure apparently because of his views on creation.  He has spoken to our creation society yearly since 2006.   See our web site about his past presentations and background.  Dr. J. is an outstanding speaker and gave presentations at 10 sites in our area on this trip, including the McLain Bible Church apologetics group and the University of Maryland. 



Open www.ICR.org and look at the top where there is a way to get a free subscription for Acts and Facts  an outstanding creation magazine.  At the upper left, open Creation Science Update and read a tribute to Dr. Duane Gish, a leading creationist for many years.  You can scroll to September 24 to see a fine article about news on "Junk Genes," the topic at the above meeting. 


November, 2012 – Mr. Dan Callahan

In November, Dan Callahan, leader of the Apologetics group at McLain Bible Church, spoke on Trilobites.  Mr. Callahan has provided a detailed description of this presentation entitled Consider the Lowly Trilobite that can be found on the FCS “Articles” page.


December, 2012 – Mr. Rob Thomson


Rob Thomson, former Professor of Physics at the United States Naval Academy gave an outstanding presentation on "Seeing the Grand Canyon thru Biblical Eyes" at the December 2012 creation meeting.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s Degree in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School.  About 2 years ago he took a group boat tour thru the Grand Canyon led by park guide and "Canyon Ministries" founder Tom Vail and Geologist Andrew Snelling.

He started by posing three questions.

    1.  Does it really matter if all of the book of Genesis is true and accurate?  It is the foundation of the rest of the Bible, and every major doctrine is grounded in Genesis; death, the nature of man, the curse on our current creation, the sanctity of human life, the need for Jesus to shed his blood for our salvation and God's Lordship over the universe.  It is the book most quoted by Jesus.

     2.   How can we prove the book of Genesis is true?  Historical findings strongly support the reliability of Genesis, chapters 8 thru 50.  Esteemed Archaeologist William Albright wrote: "It is increasingly clear that the traditions of the Patriarchal Age preserved in the book of Genesis reflect with remarkable accuracy the actual conditions of the ancient Far East at that time.  The Biblical flood basically destroyed archaeological evidence for Genesis, 1 thru 7, but it is reasonable to consider these as true, as the latter part of the book has been essentially substantiated.

     3. So What?  Since it is founded in large part on Genesis, the central message of the New Testament would be on shaky grounds if Genesis is not true history.  "There is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we can be saved." Acts 4:12

Rob talked about many findings at the Grand Canyon that back a world wide flood.
 Among these are: 277 miles of level, horizontal canyon wall strata with little weathering between layers, implying rapid deposition of one upon another.  Some strata extend across North America, and give evidence they were formed by a huge flow of watery sediment from the Southwest to the Northeast. The same strata are found many places in the world.  Also at the canyon are strata bent up to 180 degrees which clearly shows they were formed quickly, while still soft, and not over long ages.  

Millions of Nautiloid fossils are imbedded in a layer that extends a hundred miles from the canyon.  Huge deposits of mingled marine and land fossils are found at the canyon and various other places in the world.  Similar geologic features, on a smaller scale, were formed rapidly after the Mt. Saint Helens eruption in 1980.  In Rob's opinion, the canyon was carved in a short time as flood waters drained off the land.

Resources about the Grand Canyon can be obtained from the "Institute for Creation Research" and other creation groups such as "Canyon Ministries."   Tom Vail co-authored a fine book on the canyon with beautiful photographs; Grand Canyon, a Different View which is still sold at park service stores despite protests by dogmatic evolutionists.  Rob reviewed and wrote an introduction to a new large book with chapters by separate writers expressing their scenarios on the formation of the canyon.