January, 2013 – A “Triple Header” – Tracey Film, Bill Hall, and Mike Shelton

Tracey Film, a high school Junior gave a clear and succinct talk on evolution vs. creation which she had presented at a school class on controversial issues.  The main evidence she gave concerned: lack of transitional fossils, the huge improbability of life arising solely by natural means, and the Archeoraptor fossil which had fooled scholars and editors of National Geographic Magazine who had hastily claimed this as proof that birds evolved from dinosaurs.  It was soon shown to be a bird fore part attached to a reptile rear part. She had asked students if they knew about these problems, and apparently hardly any one did. She suggested they learn about both sides of the origin controversy.  The audience at the creation meeting appreciated Tracey's presentation and boldness.  

After that, we had an interesting talk by Bill Hall who works as a Database Engineer and has a ministry called "Rediscover Creation."  He is developing a three part seminar on origins for which he gave an introduction called "The Bible vs. Evolution theory:  Evolution's true origin and purpose revealed."   He mentioned Bible verses and doctrines that contradict evolution, and presented scientific findings that essentially overturn materialistic evolution. 

The third presenter was Mike Shelton, a former Navy pilot, and now an aviation engineer at Quantico Virginia Marine base.  He showed part 3 of a DVD series "Resisting the Green Dragon" Part 3 is entitled "Putting out the Dragon's Fire" and the speaker is Dr. David Legates from the University of Delaware.  This well documented lecture gave many findings that challenge claims that man-made global warming is certain and will become much worse.  (There are thousands of scientists including many meteorologists who do not accept man made global warming theory.) 

A few findings are: the rise in sea level has only been 6 inches over the past 100 years; hurricanes and other severe weather generally are not more frequent;  factors such as building of cities and loss of open land play a significant role in local temperature and flooding, not global increase of CO2 by man; and high atmospheric testing does not support global warming.  A major principle of Meteorology is that climate changes are local and cyclic.   

 Mike added more information on this subject, and said God created the earth with ability to adjust, which prevents very long term global climate changes.  


March, 2013 – Dr. Otto Berg & Brett Hunt 

At the recent March meeting, Otto Berg gave some highlights of his career in space science while he was at Goddard Space Flight Center.   He was a pioneer in space exploration and a founding member of NASA.  One can open his bio on our web site, to see more of his history as well as his previous talks at our creation meetings.   

An experiment he designed has been on the moon for many years monitoring particles striking the surface.  If the Astronauts did not wear very strong, precisely made space suits, very fast moving space particles and severe heat would prohibit them from being on the moon.  Otto presented other interesting information about the moon and space.  An early space probe on which he worked measured the number and kinds of space particles which showed that almost all were subatomic particles, and not space dust as previously thought. 

He related that he had been an evolutionist, but scientific evidence convinced him that Divine creation was the true explanation of origins. 


In the second part of the program, Brett Hunt gave a very interesting testimony.   He has a degree in Entomology, the study of insects, and lives in the New Market area.  


July, 2013 – Mr. Jay Auxt

For our July meeting, Jay presented an entertaining discussion on dinosaurs.  These were certainly fascinating creatures.  Although evolutionists maintain that dinosaurs lived long before man, historical artwork clearly indicates that man and dinosaurs walked together on this planet.


September, 2013 – DVD

In September 2013 we showed a superb DVD "How Evolution Hurts Science" by Dr. John Sanford in which he talks about his career and journey to Biblical creation.  He discussed basic fallacies of evolution that have hurt science.  One of his basic points shows the harm done by the false claim that "creation is faith and evolution is science."

For about 25 years he was a Professor of Plant Genetics at Cornell University.  Together with colleagues he invented the "Gene Gun" which enables the insertion of genes into plants, altering their hardiness and other characteristics.  He also had a major role in other inventions, and after founding two biotechnical companies, retired from Cornell where he still is as an associate courtesy professor.

Dr. Sanford was an atheist and evolutionist well into his career, but then became a Christian and accomodated with theistic evolution. Years later he accepted Biblical creation and now lecture extensively on origins.

In recent years he wrote an important book, Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome.  Go to the You Tube video with the same title, and also to "Dr. John Sanford, Biological Information: Signature of Life."

The DVD "How Evolution Hurts Science" can be loaned from the creation group.

There are outstanding talks on You Tube by Dr. Charles Jackson on Junk Genes and other subjects.  Also view a presentation on You Tube by Dr. Timothy Standish given at Creation Celebration 2013.


October, 2013 – DVD

The subject of this month’s creation society meeting concerned false evidence for evolution and the deliberate exclusion of alternate views of origins in schools. A DVD by Dr. Charles Jackson What the Schools are Teaching. revealed misinformation about evolution in Biology textbooks.  He discussed well known but now reputed claims that supposedly support evolution.  These were: changes in beaks of finches, falsely claimed evolution of bacteria as they develop resistance to antibiotics, Ketterwell's moths, vestigial organs, homologous structures in different creatures, and the recapitulation theory. This last one is the theory that similar embryology of vertebrates shows their common ancestry.  The drawings of embryo fish, pig, chicken, and human were shown to be frauds in a court trial over 150 years ago, but even in recent years the drawings have been reproduced in prominent Biology texts. Human embryos do not have gill slit as had been claimed.  There is much information on this DVD which can be loaned from the Frederick Creation Society.

Dr. Jackson has four science degrees and taught at all levels of education including Ph'D courses at the University of Virginia.  He has spoken at our meetings the past 6 years and hopefully he will return soon.  

Also, Brett Hunt, a Frederick resident, majored in Entomology (insect study), and using his college Entomology book and old classroom teachings, briefly discussed false claims, speculations and illogical scenarios he had been taught. One instance concerned the evolution of insect flight.  It was thought that ridges had gradually developed on the lateral dorsum on non-flying insects which over thousands of years became wings.  Brett stated that the primitive structures would be a disadvantage in the struggle for survival, until imagined processes would have developed the precise structures and nerve control.