January, 2015 – DVD – Russ Miller, The Grand Canyon and Grand Stair Case

We showed a DVD by Russ Miller on the Grand Canyon and Grand Stair Case which is north of the canyon. His view is that the present landscape is best explained by rapid catastrophic events during and following the Biblical flood.  He last spoke to our creation group in September 2014.


February, 2015

We did not have a Frederick creation meeting this month.  About ten people who had been been to Frederick creation programs attended the Fellowship of Bible Churches winter retreat in Mercersburg Pa.  This year’s retreat was about creation.  Among several excellent presentations by Frank Sherwin were “The Oceans,” and of those by Dr. Randy Guiluzza, "The Making of a Baby.”  Both are outstanding speakers from the Institute of Creation Research. 




March, 2015 – Dr. Dennis Swift

We showed DVD recorded T.V. interviews of Dennis Swift about dinosaurs and men living together. There is much evidence that supports the view that man had seen living dinosaurs. Accounts by Marco Polo and other ancient writers, stories about dragons in almost every culture, cliff drawings, tapestries and statues of men fighting dragons. One of the most astonishing are carvings of dinosaurs and a horse on a column of an Israel synagogue destroyed in a 749 A.D. earthquake and unearthed in 2003. which can be seen on some of the many websites on dinosaurs living with men.    

We also discussed fresh looking tissue such as red blood and bone cells in dinosaur fossils.  This is revolutionary as soft tissue is thought to exist at most 100,000 years, but dinosaurs are believed to have been extinct for about 65 million years.

There is much more about this subject on the DVDs we showed, the internet and in books.


April, 2015 – Mike Shelton

Mike Shelton is a former navy pilot and expert on aeronautics and now works with researchers at the Quantico Marine base. He is active in the creation group which meets at McLean Bible Church. He talked on how to distinguish true from false ideas and claims, and used as a model standard procedures and logic that are employed in criminal investigations.


May, 2015 – DVD – Evolution's Achilles Heels

The creation society showed the first half of an outstanding DVD “Evolution's Achilles Heels.”  The presenters are PhD Scientists. The topics seen at this meeting are the following: Natural Selection, Genetics, The Origin of Life and The Fossil Record. This DVD can be borrowed at our meetings or by calling or e-mailing us.



June, 2015 – Tracey Film

The recent creation meeting was very interesting.  Tracey Film, who recently finished her first year at Frederick Community College, gave a talk on Darwinism and Racism that she had presented in a college course. Some of the most cruel and destructive ideologies, Communism and Nazism, and their resulting tyrannies, were largely based on Darwinism. The serious mistreatment, even murder, of thousands of Australian aborigines was significantly related to evolutionary beliefs. One of them was kept in a cage at the Bronx zoo.  The pygmies of Africa were also considered sub-humans and one of them was kept in cage at the Bronx Zoo.    An account of his tragedy is in chapter 10 of “One Blood” by Ham, Wieland and Batten which is available for loan.


Darwin and many of those who accepted his evolution theory believed some races were superior, and that inferior humans such as Africans and Orientals would over time be eliminated. Tracey noted that the complete title of Darwin's revolutionary book was "On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life." 


We then showed concluding parts of the DVD "Darwin's Achilles Heel" with several PhD scientists presenting evidence against current evolutionary views on: the following topics: "The Geologic Column," "Radiometric Dating," "Cosmology" and ended with "Ethical Implications."  Quite formidable were major dilemmas of the Big Bang Theory. The DVD can be loaned from the creation society.


July, 2015 – Pastor George Michael – "The Greater and Lesser Lights, Evidence in the Skies for the Divine Creator."

At the July 2015 meeting, astronomy enthusiast Pastor George Michael spoke on "The Greater and Lesser Lights, Evidence in the Skies for the Divine Creator." He gave much information about our sun and moon such as, what causes the changed appearance of varying paths in the sky thru a year and each month. He explained eclipses and the phases of the moon. The actual origin of our sun and moon is essentially unknown in secular science, and almost all naturalistic hypothesis' have been disproved.

A vital function of our moon is to cause our daily tides which refreshes and cleans the earths’ coastal waters.   



August, 2015 – DVD – “Living Waters”

A superb new DVD "Living Waters” was shown at this month's creation meeting.  Excellent photography, animation and commentary revealed brilliant structures and functions of sea creatures.

Sea Turtles and salmon swim thousands of miles from their birthplace, and years later return to the same site where they had hatched from eggs. Using magnetic coordinates and great sense of smell, sea turtles return usually to the same beach where they were born.  They dig holes in which they lay and cover up eggs, and then return to the sea. About 8 weeks after, baby turtles emerge from the eggs and run down to the water to start a long journey to their ancestral feeding grounds. The travel directions are programmed in their brains.  

Salmon have a similar cycle, using magnetic data they acquired in their first trip and a precise sense of smell for chemicals in the waters, they return to their exact birth site. This entails swimming many miles upstream in rivers and streams. In an old Moody Institute video, salmon located and swam up drainage pipes to the same feeding tanks where they had been raised.  

Toothed whales and dolphins use amazingly accurate sonar to locate food and navigate. Baleen whales have amazing acoustic systems to communicate with others of their kind. They can send complex songs a hundred miles.  

In the face of great evidence for an intelligent creator, evolutionists still claim that without information, plans and goals these wonders developed purely by natural means. These irreducibly complex systems, with various organs, nerves, hormones and amazing brains, had to be in place and coordinated before they could be of benefit. They would have been of no advantage in the struggle for survival over the claimed thousands of years they were supposedly evolving.

This wonderful DVD has much more information about God's marvels in the seas. It can be loaned from the creation society.  



September, 2015 – DVD – “The Making of a Baby" by Dr. Randy Guliuzza

At our September meeting we showed a marvelous DVD "The Making of a Baby" by Dr. Randy Guliuzza, medical doctor, engineer and National Representative of the Institute for Creation Research.  This is one of the most powerful demonstrations of God's glory seen in His great creation. Dr. Guliuzza quoted  "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."  Romans 1: 18-20. He stated this evidence is seen by all men.  


Here are some of the many wonders shown in this presentation. The sperm cell (spermatocyte) and egg cell (oocyte) have half the number of chromosomes as the other body cells, a wonder in itself.  Since boys do not form spermatocytes until about 12 years of age, their immune system does not recognize these cells and would destroy them if these were not protected by special "nurse cells."  This is one of many hazards confronting sperm before they can fertilize an egg cell.


The acidic environment in the vagina would kill spermatocytes if not neutralized by the alkaline spermatic fluid.  A dense mucous plug in the cervical canal is dissolved by this fluid. In the uterus, the female immune system perceives sperm cells as foreign invaders, but killer leucocytes in the uterus are overcome by spermatic fluid chemicals.  It is very interesting that a woman releases a hormone that strengthens and protects sperm on their long journey.      


Millions of cilia on the inside lining of the uterus, and contractions of uterine muscles sweep out towards the cervix, but spermatic fluid chemicals change this to the opposite direction. Of an approximate average of 200 million sperm ejected into the vagina, only about 500 reach the fallopian tubes that lead to the ovaries. A cap on the sperm head falls off as it nears the egg, releasing enzymes that dissolve cells and other matter surrounding the egg.  There are large numbers of receptors on the surface of the egg and when one is touched by the acrosomal process on the head of a sperm, immediately an electrical charge is produced which, along with other changes, prevent any other sperm from entering the egg.  Receptors and sperm work like a lock and key only if the sperm and egg are from the same species. The sperm head is pulled into the egg, and microtubules extract the male's chromosomes which then align with those of the egg which is the beginning of a unique new human.     


The developing fetus/embryo makes and releases over 20 hormones including estrogen which prepares the uterus for implantation of the fertilized egg and has other important functions during pregnancy. Some other hormones are oxytocin which stimulates uterine contractions for delivery, relaxin which loosens ligaments and skin so the baby can get thru the pelvis, and prolactin which stimulates milk production in by the mother.  An important discovery over the years is that the baby is the main conductor of the pregnancy and the mother basically has a passive role.


Darwin wrote in The Origin of the Species "If it could be shown that any complex organ existed that could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, sight modifications, my theory would absolutely beak down." The making of a baby shows amazing interactions between father mother and baby.  Dr. Guliuzza stated, “You cannot make a baby without a baby, as a baby plays an absolutely essential role for its own success. It seems impossible to reasonably attribute all this to naturalistic evolution.”


I highly recommend that all of us borrow or order this DVD from the creation society.


October, 2015 – DVD – Spike Psarris – What you aren’t being told about astronomy: "Our Created Solar System"

The creation society showed a very informative DVD "What you aren’t being told about astronomy: "Our Created Solar System" by Spike Psarris. It revealed the wide diversity of the planets and moons in our solar system. Scientists are still searching for naturalistic answers for the origin of our solar system, but almost all these speculations have basically not survived observations. There are major differences in the make-up of the planets and also between planets and their moons. This DVD has much significant information and can be loaned from the creation society. 


November, 2015 – DVD – Our Massive Solar System, and Itsy Bitsy Spiders

At the November 2015 meeting we showed the second part of the DVD, "Our Created Solar System 2015.”  This portion of the DVD revealed active volcanoes, strong gravity fields and other unexpected phenomena if our solar system is as old as has been believed.


After that, we showed parts of a very interesting DVD about spiders. There are a huge number of different types which vary greatly in size, colors, behavior and other aspects.  Many build webs and others use a strand of silk to lasso prey. Trap door spiders live in a hole which they cover with a stone.  When they sense a bug nearby they quickly open the door and pull it in. One type of spider is blind, but builds a precisely configured web.


Brett Hunt, who majored in the study of insects (which are in a different biological category than spiders) gave concluding remarks. The DVD is available from the Creation Society.



December, 2015 – Dr. Ken Film, Brett Hunt, Dr. Robert Scovner


Dr. Ken Film an active member of our creation society, practices dentistry in Boonsboro. He described important features of our mouth such as the precise curve of the alignment of teeth to fit into the mouth. Saliva is important in many ways such as preserving teeth and swallowing, as is the tongue.   


Brett Hunt majored in Entomology (the study of insects) in college and now is in the computer field.  He talked on surprising findings about Pluto and its moons which were found on the recent satellite near fly by. Ice, many fewer impact craters than expected and a magnetic field has perplexed scientists who thought it was much older than it now appeared.  He also spoke about the Naldi fossils in South Africa. There is still much uncertainty about what were the creatures whose bones were found. 


Bob Scovner briefly talked about the terrible consequences of the hasty and gullible acceptance of Darwinism by many scholars and the general public fairly soon after "The Origin of Species" was published. This increased racism and justified wars of conquest and persecution of alleged inferior races. Thousands of aborigines were slaughtered and their skulls sent to scientists in Europe. The book “One Blood” has a chapter on the sad story of an African pygmy exhibited at the Bronx Zoo.  He was claimed by prominent scientists as being close to an ape.