January, 2016

We showed the beginning two parts of a fine a new DVD set, "Made in His Image" by ICR.  "The "Miracle of Birth" and "The Human Eye" were presented in the DVD by Dr. Randy Guiluzza. There is a book that comes with this set which expands on the DVDs.



February, 2016



March, 2016

The remaining two DVDs in the album, “Made in His Image,” were viewed. They are 'Unique Human Hands’ and ‘Beauty in Motion’ which concern the great range and amazing skills of humans. 

These include great accomplishments of strength and finely controlled skills such as playing musical instruments. These and other DVDs can be loaned and shown to groups.



April, 2016 –DVD – “Did God Use Evolution”

We showed the initial presentations of an outstanding debate “Did God Use Evolution" by creationist Dr. Randy Guiluzza and theistic evolutionist Dr. Karl Giberson. This was held in 2013 at Southern California Seminary in honor of Dr. Duane Gish, a founder of the modern creation movement and well known debater.  The debate showed the stark contrast between Biblical creation and theistic creation. This entire debate is available on DVD.


May, 2016 –DVD – “Dr. Timothy Standish at the 2012 Celebrate Creation”

One of the best creation talks we have heard at our creation society was a DVD of a presentation by Dr. Timothy Standish at the 2012 Celebrate Creation conference in Silver Springs Maryland.  After he spoke in Frederick in 2000 that several people decided to restart the creation society which had been active from 1989 to 1991.    

Dr. Standish discussed major differences between evolutionary and creationist views.  Competition, death and struggle for survival are major features of the evolution theory of origins.  But, cooperation between life forms is a vital factor and likely was part of the original creation.  He gave examples which are written here in a simplified form.  Mushrooms get nourishment from tree roots and take nitrogen from the atmosphere to make nitrates that are essential for tree and other plant life. Plants are ingested by animals which make ammonia and urea used by plants.

In the past 150 years, horrific tyrannies such as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were largely based on the Darwinian idea of struggle for existence, and superior and inferior peoples. 

We have the DVD by Dr. Standish, and a book about the human race; “One Blood."


June, 2016 –DVD – Gary Bates  Creation Not Confusion””

Calvary Chapel and the creation society organized a special meeting with Gary Bates speaking on “Creation Not Confusion” Saturday evening, June 18 at Calvary Chapel Frederick.  He is CEO of Creation Ministries International, one of the most active creation organizations in the world.  The talk covered many important issues about origins and was followed by questions and answers. We have DVDs containing many points in his talk.  One of his areas of expertise concerns speculations about space aliens. He wrote a N. Y. Times best selling book, "Alien Invasion” which we have. A DVD is being produced, based on this book. 



July, 2016 –DVD – “The Principle”

The creation meeting on July 12 showed startling new evidence that the galaxies in our universe are arranged in concentric rings around the Milky Way which strongly implies the earth is basically at the center of the universe.  In the DVD, "The Principle” notable physicists, most of them atheists or agnostics, essentially agreed that this and other findings cast significant doubts on some foundational beliefs of modern astrophysics.  These include dark matter, dark energy and the so called Copernican Principle which states the earth is not the center of the universe nor in a significant location, and that the Bible is not a reliable historical book.  These views were not those of Copernicus, a religious Catholic in the early 1500s who calculated that our sun is the center of the then known universe. The principle was derived and accepted in following years, especially by secularists.



August, 2016

No meeting.


September, 2016 – Tracy Film – “Information Theory”

This was our first regular creation meeting at Calvary Chapel.  Student Tracey Film presented a talk that she had given on information theory at Frederick Community College.  She had given written questions to her classmates. The last question was "where does information originate?”  Her classmates recognized that, as far as we know, information always originates from a mind, which had seemed a new idea at least to some of her fellow students.  

We then showed the rebuttals and concluding summaries from the very interesting debate by Dr. Guiluzza and Dr. Giberson which we had started in April   DVDs of this debate are available.



October, 2016 – DVD – The Speed of Light

A DVD about the age of the earth and speed of light was seen and discussed. This has been a controversial aspect of origins.  We have this DVD.


December, 2016 – DVD – The Biblical Flood by Dr. John Morris

We showed an eye opening DVD update on the Biblical Flood by Geologist Dr. John Morris, past president of the Institute for Creation Research. There have been significant scientific discoveries and confirmations of previous evidence for the accuracy of the book of Genesis, including the worldwide Flood.  This will be available for loan.