A little girl asked her mother: 'How did the human race appear?'
The mother answered, 'God made Adam and Eve; they had children; and so
was all mankind made.'
Two days later the girl asked her father the same question.
The father answered, 'Many years ago there were monkeys from which the
human race evolved.'
The confused girl returned to her mother and said, 'Mom, how is it
possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad
said they developed from monkeys?'
The mother answered, 'Well, Dear, it is very simple. I told you about
my side of the family, and your father told you about his.’


            The strange choice of titles for this document will become evident as you read the text.  It merely represents one of many elusive statements the evolutionist/atheist uses to ignore facts of science and logic to defend the theory of evolution.

            In this document I have tried to portray, for the non-scientist, what is called the theory of The Big Bang --- to portray its history from its purportedly original explosion 17 billion years ago to our present universe. Actually, there are two other theories given for the origin of the universe---the Plasma theory and the String theory.  The Big Bang, however, enjoys the most attention simply because it was the first to be proposed and, as such, it was readily accepted and supported by the Cosmologists who were eagerly awaiting a “reasonable” theory that would apply to a secular origin ---a theory to which they could apply further theory and studies and equations.  (It is not possible to attach theory and equations to the Scriptural statement of origin---“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”)  As I proceed in this document, I will pose questions as to its logic and/or scientific bases for the theory’s evolution from its beginning to the present universe.  The reader should be aware, as I am aware,  that there are mini-theories attached to sub-theories attached to the main theory  that are proposed from time to time in desperate efforts to support and sustain the Big Bang theory, but always bear in mind that it remains a theory---not a fact!

             The inspiration to prepare this document was heavily based on a profound question posed by the world renowned German Mathematician/Philosopher--- Gottfried Von Liebniz**, as he pondered the physical existence of his life and the Universe in the absence of a creating God.  He asked---“Why is there anything instead of  nothing?”  An excellent and a fair question!  Yes, why is there any material?  or an atom?  or a quark?  or a boson?  or a vacuum?  or space?  or Man?  or anything? --- in the total absence of a creator God?  An unanswerable question for the atheistic who rejects the existence of a Creator/God!  As for me, the simple and yet absolute answer to that question is --- GOD!      Another quote which, in my opinion, also applies to the theory is one attributed to a world-renowned, fictitious “philosopher” named ---Huckleberry Finn, as characterized by Marc Twain--- “Saying it’s so, don’t make it so!”  (Hopefully, this will be the only time I will support this document with the fictitious!)

            In my opinion, one based on more than 40 years of active experimental research in Astrophysics, the theory is based on questionable to poor scientific bases and/or logic.  Is this an opinion merely stated by a “Fundamentalist Christian” like the author?  No!  It is similar to or identical to more than 5,000 quotes and statements by scientists and engineers as compiled in a book (reference at the end of this text).*   Nonetheless, our youth are being taught that the theory is essentially a fact as they are having this faulty theory rammed into their brains similarly to the former Nazi propaganda, or Communism doctrine, or the “goodness” of the Islamic religion!

            I submit to you that the Christian Church should feel a certain sense of shame over their passivity concerning the theory. The theory is, in effect, directed specifically against the church as it denies the existence of any form of a Creating God and, of course, the Bible.  There are, however “evolutionary mosaics” who have one foot in Creation and one foot in evolution.  They are called THEISTIC EVOLUTIONISTS who believe God started it all and once in a while steps in and modifies or creates.  I hope to demonstrate that this “religion” is a copout.  Their limited intellect doesn’t seem to be able to acknowledge the existence of a God whose capabilities and existence is beyond even our finest imaginations. If we can imagine who and what He is, then He is simply a super Einstein.  Of significant note and of shame to the church  and its members is the fact that, by far, the most effective articles and books written to refute the theory are written by atheist Scientists who reject the  theory *. The interesting thing in this concern is that these atheistic authors also reject a Creating God, so one must assume they believe in a STORK.

            Occasionally, during these discussions, I will give some direct quotations which show clearly that all scientists do not accept the theory.  In my opinion, the theory constitutes the greatest deterrent to the continuation/study of the Gospel to our youth. Every single Biology book that is found in our public schools and ---- yes even in our Church schools --- tells you that the theory is now a fact.

            “The fool has said in his heart there is no god” ( Psalm 14:1 )  I believe this is the answer to the survival and promotion of the theory, because if a person has fully decided on something  --- IN HIS HEART --- he will defend it, accepting any fragment of positive evidence  to support his determination and he will ignore any opposing evidence.  An example of this illogical rejection is given by a quote from the Cosmologist, Carl Sagan --- “I remain inexorably opposed to any kind of revealed religion and reject any talk of a personal God”.  (Show Me God, by Fred Heeren.   My personal interpretation of Sagan’s statement is: “Don’t come to me with facts, man!   My mind is made up!  Note:  Sadly, Dr. Sagan is now beyond our 4-dimensional existence and knows the entire truth.

            Now, let me get into the “nitty-gritty’ of the theory --- devoid of equations and heavy physics --- hopefully readable and enjoyable even by readers who hate science, but yet refuse to be “snowed” by non-reality.

            According to the theory, the Big Bang occurred about 17 billion years ago when an “explosion” occurred.  You ask, --- “Where does the 17 billion years fit in?”  Answer:  It has been well determined that the universe is expanding and its expansion rates have been reasonably established, although there are questions*** (which are given in the appendices). Thus, if one knows the expansion rate and we determine the distance out to the edge of the universe****, one can crank it backward from our position and determine the “beginning” which is published as 17 billion years.

            You may then ask---“You mentioned an “explosion” --- what exploded?” --- Answer: The theory proposes that the entire “potential” universe was, in the beginning, contained in a particle with a diameter of 10-30 centimeters, or about one-pentillionth the size of a single atom (much too small to be seen by the finest microscopes). To go on with the theory, we MUST repeat and accept the above statement, that the entire universe was contained in this “little” particle which is called --- the SINGULARITY!  Its dimensions were selected because, according to the brilliant Sir Isaac Newton, it is the smallest particle that can exist.  One has to understand that the theory HAS to introduce, as a beginning, a mass of material because the “evolved” universe is a gigantic mass of material.

            You may be wondering --- “Where did the particle (singularity) come from?” --- Answer:   There is no good answer to that question, but as the atheist/evolutionist typically answers an unanswerable question --- “There obviously was an original mass particle, because, we HAVE a universe!  So, it must have happened!”  The evolutionist “KNOWS” it was not created, because that would invoke the existence of a Creator,  which is an absolute and necessary exclusion to the atheist/evolutionist.

Then, you ask ---“But what was there before the singularity exploded?” --- Answer:  Nothing!  “But wait, not so fast! said Stephen Hawking (A Brief History Of Time).  He argued that there is no such thing as nothing.  “Nothing is what sleeping rocks dream about.”  (R. C. Sproul)  For a fuller answer to the question of nothing, I humbly refer the reader to my document --- “Nothing” enclosed herein.

            Let’s go on with the theory.  So the singularity exploded and the debris moved out radially / spherically.  (What?? --- “debris” from this teeny-weeny particle???).  The temperatures of the debris and its atmosphere were extremely high --- in the hundreds of millions of degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit.  (The two values differ by only a factor of a bit more than 2 or less than a factor of ½ .)  At these high temperatures atoms, as such, could not be formed nor exist, so the theory had to provide interim forms of matter until the temperatures decreased to the point where atoms could survive without dissociation.

            Fortunately for the advocates for the theory’s survival, laboratory studies have revealed the existence of a large variety of sub-atomic particles (quarks, bosons, gluons, mesons, etc.)  These particles can, theoretically, exist under any temperature.  So, declared the Big Bang enthusiast --- those particles constitute the “interim” connection for mass between the explosion and the time the temperatures had decreased sufficiently for atoms to be formed and sustained.  Question:  In the declared total absence of a Creator, why should these sub-atomic materials form?  Answer:  (by the scientist/evolutionist Big Bang enthusiast):  “Well, we see them in the laboratories and atoms did began to form, so they must have formed!”

            Then as the temperatures had sufficiently decreased, hydrogen atoms began to form. The hydrogen atom is a super-marvelous entity which deserves several paragraphs of discussion, but for now, let me simply me ask the question you are certainly going to pose:  Why did the quarks etc evolve into the marvelous hydrogen atom, again in the absence of a Creator God?  Answer:   (given by the atheist/evolutionist)  ”Well, we have hydrogen, don’t we?  So they MUST have evolved into the atom.  There’s no other reasonable answer!

            So now, our young universe is composed of hydrogen --- the simplest stable form of matter --- moving radially outward at great speed, according to the theory.  Eventually, this moving mass of hydrogen atoms begins to coalesce, via gravity, into enormous clumps called proto-stars.  Due to their immensity and the gigantic forces of gravity they become a nuclear entity as the internal temperatures of hundreds of millions of degrees convert 4 hydrogen atoms into helium (fusion). Eventually, the proto-star becomes a full fledged star spewing out electrons, ions, and radiation typically losing millions of tons of mass per second.  (Our sun is losing mass at the rate of 15 million tons per second).

            So now, speeding radially outward from the site of the explosion, we have hydrogen atoms and stars (like our Sun).  As myriads of stars form with a variety of masses or sizes ranging from small stars, like our Sun, to giant masses that are so large that they are unstable and explode into supernovae.  If a star is, of the order of 100 times as large as our sun, it is an unstable star and will explode to become a supernova.  Before they explode, however, the gravitational force within the unstable star causes the hydrogen atoms, (which so far composes the star ) to be “squeezed” so that they become heavier atoms and elements such as sodium, copper,  iron, etc.  So when the super star explodes, it spews out into the forming universe no longer hydrogen, but a full complementary variety of the heavier elements.

            So let’s proceed with the history.  Now, our expanding young universe consists of hydrogen, stable stars, and all of the larger/heavier elements or atoms. As it continues to expand radially outward, the larger atoms begin to coalesce into immense distinct bodies and become what is called---proto-planets, attached gravitationally and orbitally to the massive stars.

            But wait!  As the proto-planet approaches planetary dimensions, the ugly laws of Physics again rears its ugly head with a set of irrefutable, cardinal facts and principles that tells the evolutionist/cosmologist that as coalescence nears completion as a solid planet, the kinetic energy in the form of heating will exceed the force of gravity by orders of magnitude and causes the coalescing mixture of atoms to disperse!

            So how does the theory get around this disgusting problem?  “It just so happens” that certain research labs in Physics had been experimenting with the fascinating element --- carbon --- and had produced an ensemble of 60 carbon atoms into a micro-body called a “cluster” which configuration resembled the volleyball !  Of course!  That was the answer to the above mentioned problem of forming planets.  If the element, carbon, formed into clusters, certainly that must also occur for all the elements!  So now instead of the elemental atoms, the large and heavier clusters would gravitationally coalesce and form a planetary entity!  Of course that must indeed have occurred because we DO have planets!  So, to verify this, the proponents of the theory turned to the laboratories to perform research programs that would produce clusters in other elements than carbon.  Unfortunately, the laboratories failed to produce clusters in any other element than carbon.

            “Well”, said the theory defender!  “Just because the laboratories have failed to produce other clusters, does not preclude the fact that clusters were indeed formed.  These are minor details that will be resolved with time.  We do have planets, don’t we, so it must have happened, right?

Our personal star, the Sun, with its great mass and resultant gravitational attraction, accommodates nine planets,  each with its own distinct atmosphere.  Our own planet Earth accommodates its own orbiting body, our Moon.  Our Solar system is one of a hundred billion other solar systems that make up our Milky Way galaxy, and our galaxy is one of ten billion other galaxies that make up our universe.

            So there you have the history for the secular evolution of the Universe --- originating from the tiny singularity which, purely by accident and chance with neither design nor purpose, evolved over a period of about 17 billion years.

            In consideration of the many questions raised herein regarding a Universe originating from a tiny particle, some people, including many world-renowned cosmologists, reject the Big Bang theory and favor the Scriptural origin that a Creator-God “spoke the universe into existence,”  “but that cannot be rationalized by the laws of physics nor even comprehended by scientific rationale” says the evolutionist atheist.



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            “Aue contraire !” says the Creationist.. I refer you to a short article I prepared, --- RELATIVISTICS --- an article composed independently,   that demonstrates how God’s acts of creation are acceptable within the laws of physics and remain within the tenets of scripture.  And further, realize that the acts of Creation are based upon an Infinite power and wisdom --- the Almighty God --- whose existence and capabilities are infinitely beyond Man’s comprehension because He is God!  The theory of the Big Bang is created by mortal man and based on chance and accident with neither plan nor purpose.

            Fact! --- There IS a Creating God --- “Jesus Christ, by whom all things (exist) were created “!  He created you and me also.  He must have created us for some reason or a purpose.  That’s a sobering thought --- Am I fulfilling that purpose for which this mighty God created me?






**Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm ,  or Von Leibniz. An 18th century German mathematician, philosopher, logician. “The principle of sufficient reason (i.e. “that nothing occurs without reason)”  Leibniz is known among philosophers for his wide range of thought about fundamental philosophical ideas and principles, including truth, necessary and contingent truths, possible worlds, the principle of sufficient reason (i.e., that nothing occurs without a reason), the principle of pre-established harmony (i.e., that God constructed the universe in such a way that corresponding mental and physical events occur simultaneously), and the principle of noncontradiction (i.e., that any proposition from which a contradiction can be derived is false).  Leibniz had a lifelong interest in and pursuit of the idea that the principles of reasoning could be reduced to a formal symbolic system, an algebra or calculus of thought, in which controversy would be settled by calculations.


*** The expansion rates are based on the assumption that the force of gravity (gravitational constant) is the same, over the universe, as that of our solar system and Milky Way Galaxy.  The assumption is reasonable, but not an absolute.

            A second question about this expansion was raised by Prof Hoyle (Harvard, or is it Cambridge?) and others: During the first microseconds of the start of the explosion, the gravitational forces would have overcome the kinetic energy expansion forces, and the universe would still be and forever remain a singularity.


****Cosmologists have determined that as one travels further and further out into the universe, the expansion rate increases until we reach a speed equal to the speed of light.  Nothing can exceed the speed of light.  Accordingly, that point becomes the absolute, forever limit to man’s study and knowledge about our universe.  Many Cosmologists believe that ours is probably one of thousands of universes!  That is a well-founded belief because no mortal will ever prove otherwise. Beyond that absolute limit to mortal man is God’s domain, in my opinion!


Dr. Otto E. Berg, Astrophysicist, NASA retired






Editor’s note:

Dr. Berg was once challenged, “How can a scientist believe in an unobservable/undetectable ‘God’?”  For Dr. Berg’s reply, see his article, Some Unseen Forces.