With the exception of some professional scientists and engineers, I believe it is safely assumed that there is little concern and interest in the origin of the Universe.  Believing Christians are only passively interested in the origin of the universe and, at best, simply accept the Biblical statement that “God spoke the universe into existence.” (Hebrews 11:3).  That statement issuing from an infinite God and Creator satisfies their curiosity.  As a Christian believer in an omniscient God and Creator, that is also acceptable to me.  However, as an Astrophysicist, I associate with and perform studies with other Astrophysicists and professional scientists, many of whom are not Christian believers and thus tend to reject that simple Biblical answer to our origins.  Many scientists seem to be compelled to seek an answer to the question of origins that is “humanly reasonable” and plausible within the laws of science. Further, scientists can attach neither theory nor mathematical expressions to the Biblical term — “In the beginning, God ---!”  Scientists persistently reject the facts of a Creator or a Being with powers beyond those of mortal Man.  But isn’t it logical to argue that if mortal Man can even imagine the capabilities of an Almighty God, then He is not God, but simply a “Super Einstein” and yet human?

            Currently, among scientists, there are 3 theories that are being considered and partially accepted as to the origin of the universe.  They are: 1) The Big Bang Theory; 2) The Plasma Theory; and 3) The String Theory.  Each of them suffers however, from full acceptance due to a variety of currently unanswered questions.  One question, in particular, is common to all three and that question is: “Whence the original particle or charge?”

            It is beyond the interest and scope of this document to dwell on the details of each of the theories.  I will only refer, briefly, to the question of an original particle as it pertains to the Big Bang Theory which currently remains the most widely accepted of the 3 theories.  The Big Bang was the first of the three theories to emerge and, therefore, gained significant support and acceptance before the other two theories emerged.

            The Big Bang Theory proposes that, at one time, the entire universe was contained in a single sphere, called the singularity, with a diameter 10-30 centimeters (roughly one-pentillionth the diameter of a single atom). Yes, you read it correctly!  According to that theory, the Big Bang was initiated by that particle, the singularity, which, purportedly, “exploded” 17 billion years ago and, as a result, we now have our Universe!

            Not surprisingly, there are serious questions concerning this “origin”!  The dimensions proposed for the singularity, are far beyond Man’s comprehension and/or imagination.  The dimension was based on Newton’s theory that this is the smallest particle that can exist and still exist.  But really? --- The entire universe was contained within this sphere and emerged from this sphere???  A second justifiable, persistent, and immediate question pops up, a question which is highly relevant to this document! --- “Where did the singularity come from?”  If it came out of nothing (ex nihilo) it must have been created!  If it was created, it would need a Creator, but many scientists are loathe to invoke the existence of, and actions of, a Divine Creator.

            So, in this paper, I propose a scenario for an “equivalent origin” to the Scriptural origin of our Universe, an origin that is in keeping with the laws of Physics AND recognizes and accepts the existence of our Creator-God.  Let me immediately and with emphasis point out that I am NOT indeed proposing a theory that is in conflict with, nor is a possible alternative theory to the Scriptural statement of origin!  I am merely proposing an interesting scenario showing how our material Universe could have emerged “ex nihilo” (out of nothing, i.e. zero mass or material) and still fully respect the laws of physics and maintain the tenets of Scripture.  The proposition is an interesting thought that tends to remind Man that even the laws of Physics are in conformity with the Scriptures, and why shouldn’t they so be?  I believe the formulation of the laws of physics and the message in the Scriptures have a common source and origin, our Creator/God!

            Before one can appreciate and accept the proposition that I am offering, it is necessary to list several facts and sets of conditions that are the bases for the proposition because there are facts of science that are not often discussed among “the men on the street”, but are interesting and acceptable to men of science.

            The proposition deals with what is called, relativistic speeds, which simply refers to speeds that approach the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).  It is important that the reader is aware of the fact that mortal Man cannot comprehend the concepts and the strange behavior of matter traveling at these speeds.  However, both scientific experiments and theory peremptorily demonstrate that materials traveling at relativistic speeds exhibit mysterious and abnormal physical changes in accordance with mathematical expressions initiated by Prof. Einstein and others (equations are not shown herein for the sake of simplicity).

            The reader must, in faith of the facts of science, accept the following:

            (1) Material objects decrease in length at relativistic speeds,

            (2) Material objects increase in density at relativistic speeds, and

            (3) Time slows down for materials traveling at relativistic speeds.

As a result, if an object would reach the speed of light (which is impossible), it would be infinite; invisible; and timeless (or eternal)!

I am sure the reader will notice that the combination of those properties assigned to a material object traveling at the speed of light are remarkably similar to the Scriptural description of our God!  That is:

(A)     God is an Infinite Being (Almighty),

(B)     God is Invisible (God is a Spirit), and

(C)     God is Timeless (Eternal).

            At this point, in my proposition, for fear of subverting the Scriptures with my ramblings, I will no longer apply my proposition to the Almighty God (although the similarities are noteworthy).  I will hereto forward refer to my subject as an “entity” which is infinite, timeless, and invisible.  In keeping with this proposition, kindly realize that although the entity is infinite in mass, it is not a material mass --- an existence consistently beyond mortal Man’s comprehension.

            Now, bear with me as I continue my proposition using physical objects, objects which exist within our 4-dimensional space-time existence.  Picture two physical bodies approaching one another --- a large material body and a yardstick.  (Arbitrarily selected for having mass and length).  As the 2 bodies approach each other at greater and greater speeds, the yardstick enters and reaches relativistic speeds relative to the large body.  Now the yardstick begins to change in dimensions, density, and existence:  Its length begins to decrease, its visible existence is diminishing; its density increases; and it approaches timelessness.  As the yardstick attains the speed of light, if that were possible, it would then be infinite, invisible, and timeless.  Now, I will no longer refer to the subject as a yardstick, but an “entity”!

            Now, bear with me further! Consider a “something” emanating from this timeless, infinite, invisible entity.   Immediately as “the something” emanates, it enters space time and it “takes on MASS, VISIBILITY, and a TIME OF EXISTENCE.  As it continues to slow down to non-relativistic speeds, it enters our limited 4-dimensional space-time existence!

            Material mass came from non-material mass!  Ex nihilo!  Now for a fascinating parallel!  As clearly stated at the beginning of this document, I am not proposing another theory for the origin of the Universe, but lending human credibility (if that is necessary for some readers ) to the Biblical statement of origins --- that our infinite God spoke the universe into existence --- an action that states,   material substance came out of no material.  (God is a Spirit)!

            An additional item of interest concerning the above entity is the thought that it is omnipresent!   How does that term apply? 

Explication!  I cannot be present in Maryland and in California at the same moment because it takes TIME to travel from one place to another, traveling at a certain speed, i.e. miles/hour, or feet/sec, etc.  Accordingly for the timeless entity, the term “miles per hour,” is not applicable and “speed” is irrelevant.  So ends my proposition, relevant or not!



            P.S.  After I had composed this document, I thought it might be of interest to a former laboratory associate, an atheist and a devoted evolutionist.  I sent a copy of this document.  His response was a big surprise to me!  He wrote: “Hey, this logic also answers the big enduring question that has plagued the evolution theory since its inception --- ‘the origin of the original particle, the singularity? Thanks, Buddy!

            “But hold on, Buddy!” I responded!  “Please realize that the emanized mass necessarily emanates from an infinite entity or the massless Spirit of God!  Your theory of evolution totally excludes the existence of God or an infinite Being, so you must first adopt such an entity!  No, this does not resolve your dilemma!”