Beyond Man’s senses



            “I look all around me up here and I don’t see God anywhere!”  That was a statement from Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to orbit the planet Earth.  I am sure that statement did not originate in his personal mind.  (I have to assign at least some degree of intelligence to Yuri as an Astronaut!)  I strongly suspect that he was ordered to make that statement by the Communist administration in power at that time, and by Premier Stalin in particular.  Whatever the origin of that statement by Kosmonaut Gagarin, it has to be judged irrational, bordering on the idiotic.

            The statement implies that everything that exists must be made manifest to our minds or is detectable simply by using our five senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and touch.  I am quite sure the Russian scientists had not developed a “Spirit Detector” that the Kosmonaut had aboard his spacecraft!

            I have long passively considered the ineptitude of the Kosmonaut’s statement, but that statement, by itself, has not been enough to ponder it and express an opinion.  However, more recently, an incident involving a Medical Doctor visit and his inept response to the mention of God initiated within me a need to comment and respond.  The Doctor’s response to my mention of a Creating God was both verbal and physical.  He twisted his eyebrows at a variety of angles while looking quizzically up as he said — “How can you, a man of science, believe in a God?”

            So, I have prepared this document as a personal response with the following question as my response:   Can Man reject the existence of something just because our 5 senses are not aware of it?   Someone made the profound statement --- “The absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence!”  That statement seems fitting for this document.

            I have listed and described, herein, several items that exist and surround us in this, our temporal, 4-dimensional lives, that we are not aware of except ONLY through the use of our God-given five senses augmented by a variety of scientific and technological instruments --- instruments that have been gradually provided through science and technology over a period of years.


            I own a very powerful magnet that I obtained through surplus.  The magnet had once been used in RADAR applications.  As it sits on our kitchen table, to the eye, it simply looks like an oddly shaped hunk of iron as it just sits there.  It doesn’t do anything, it just sits there silently.  If one touches it or attempts to lift it (it’s very heavy) there is no indication of anything dynamic or otherwise unusual about it.  It just sits there!

            A person can approach it with a glass object, or an aluminum object, or a copper object, or a lead object or several other material objects and there is no activity.  HOWEVER, as one brings an iron object near it, it “violently” grabs and embraces the iron object!  Scientists refer to this attractive force as a magnetic field.  So what is this mysterious, unseen force that has an affinity exclusively for iron (there are rare exceptions not to be discussed herein)?

            It is beyond the purpose and scope of this document to dwell on the marvels and mysteries of the magnetic field which is manifest in a variety of ways.   Deserving mention, however, is the fact that our planet Earth retains its own magnetic field.  Its “field effects” extend out over millions of miles beyond Earth’s surface as encountered by a “cosmic dust” experiment aboard the Heliocentric Pioneer 8 Mission. (Data and details of this encounter are available, by this author, to anyone interested).


            Imagine, for the sake of this document, that you are standing fifty feet from a Nuclear Bomb (Uranium/plutonium) that is complete except that the segment that makes it “critical” is held aside.  Would any of your five senses be aware of the extreme potential devastation, the unseen force, that is harbored within this item as it “just sits there?  The answer is negative!  None of our five senses would give a hint!  (I am ignoring the probable later manifestation of radiation or exposure to the silent bomb).


            Gravity is truly omnipresent (everywhere present.) There is no place in our Universe where there is no gravitational force. *** Wherever mass exists, the force of gravity is a factor.

            So what is gravity?  In early schooling we were simply taught that it is the “attraction of one body to another”.  However, no scientist can define exactly what gravity is!  Again, do any of our five senses betray the omnipresent force that is so active in our existence?  The answer is No, but with the following interesting exception --- The toes and soles our feet!

            Explication!   In chapter 12 of 1st Corinthians, the Apostle Paul mentions parts of our bodies which seem lesser in honor (unpresentable) but nevertheless serves a critical purpose to the body’s functions.  I believe the heel and toes of our lowly feet qualify for that category.  The soles and toes of our feet are very sensitive to, and utilize the unseen force of gravity!  The degree of sensitivity to that force is essential to our balance to keep us from falling forward or backward. The front section and the rear section of our soles, each independently, measure very accurately the force of gravity  upon them and relay their values to our nervous system which, in turn, directs the appropriate muscles to respond in such a way that the center of gravity of our body always aligns with the Earth’s center of gravity.  As we grow older, the sole sensitivity lessens and we tend to fall more often, or use a cane to augment the balancing functions of our soles.

***Someone might argue that there is a region called “Libration Points” where there is no gravity.  I won’t go into that, but that area is simply an area or point where the forces of gravity are balanced, but gravity is still present.


            I suppose everyone has heard of or read the term --- COSMIC RAY.  I further suppose that the term, “COSMIC” has caused most persons to qualify it as an unreal, mythical entity popularly used in “Star Wars” literature.  However, the cosmic ray is real!  It is simply an atom of one of the elements, entering Earth’s atmosphere at speeds approaching the speed of light (relativistic speed).  Due to its speed it represents an extremely high kinetic energy.  Any person living in the USA is being bombarded and “penetrated” by roughly one “cosmic ray every minute!  After it has traversed your body, it proceeds on for miles into the Earth before its energy is absorbed.  Using our five senses, are we aware of these “space bullets?”  Not at all!  At worst, they may produce a few “micro-hemorrhages” in their paths as they interact with cells in your “transparent physical body”!


            If you are troubled by the thought and realization of  these “space missiles,” the cosmic rays passing through your body, be further aware of and appreciate a  much more penetrating “space bullet”, the “NEUTRINO”!  Your body is being traversed longitudinally by several billions of these particles every hour!  Again, your five senses totally fail to respond to these particles, this invasive force.  What are they?  They are particles with no mass (except derived mass) and no charge.  Again, a further description of these particles is beyond the purpose and scope of this document except to mention that they arrive at our planet from distant quasars and supernovae.  After having harmlessly passed through your body, they proceed to pass on through(!) planet Earth.  How do we know they exist?  They reveal their presence and their numbers as a very small percentage of their multitudinous army interact with earthly material atoms deep in the ground where they are occasionally detected by extremely sensitive photo devices.


DARK MATTER:  What is it?  Dark matter, by itself, does not truly constitute a “force,” but when coupled with the attraction of gravity, this immense “unknown” exerts a force that has a highly significant effect upon the observable distribution and structure of the astronomical bodies in our known universe.  In fact, it is that effect that reveals the existence of dark matter.  To date we do not know the answer to the question, “What is it?” However it cannot be ignored, because dark matter constitutes 90% of all the mass (material) in our known universe.

            Is it some form of dust that is not detectable by using Man’s optical instruments?  Not likely!  Astronomers are observationally aware of the fact that there is more detected mass in the form of observable dust than there is in the total combined mass of the stars, galaxies, planets, and all visible bodies.  What I am saying , is this --- science is currently detecting and evaluating the amount of material dust in our universe, so whatever the unknown mass is, it is highly improbably some form of mass other than material dust.

            Could the dark matter possibly represent the omnipresent God?  An immediate answer to that question would be, no, because God is a Spirit and Spirits have no mass and have no gravitational attraction.  But wait! Scripture tells us that God is LIGHT, and if that term, light, encompasses also the electromagnetic, we have to consider the fact that “light,” according to the laws of Physics does have MASS!  Intriguing!  But to ponder that possibility further is beyond the philosophical scope of this document.

            Could the dark matter represent a “Force X”? ---  A “something” that is  beyond the delectability of Man’s current scientific instruments, or possibly even forever beyond delectability by mortal Man’s ingenuities (see below)?  I tend to accept that possibility, based on mortal Man’s constrictive limits and to keep this document rational and above Star Wars fables.


            Numerous other forces, currently dynamic in our earthly existence,  which totally elude detection by our five senses but are evident/manifest exclusively via technical and scientific instruments, include: Ultra violet Radiation; X-Radiation; Infra-Red Radiation; Gamma-Radiation; Radio Waves; Microwaves; etc.  And the list goes on to such exotic unseens such as “up quarks,” “down quarks,” “strange quarks,” (and more quarks), plus leptons, baryons, bosons, etc. --- nuclear particles that are revealed via ultra-high energy accelerators and only as they betray their existence by their paths and possibly only to the interests and delights of Nuclear Research Physicists.

            Furthermore, as alluded to above, it is interesting to seriously consider the highly probable existence of other forces that science has not yet detected (U.F.O.s excluded, based on sensible, simple human logic and reasoning!)  A further-furthermore is the possibility that  there may well be forces that are forever non-detectable --- limited by the characteristics of our chemical elements --- forever undetectable even to the most sophisticated scientific instruments that Man can devise --- forces limited exclusively and privately to the Creator of forces.  Someone has said --- “Behind every mystery that is eventually revealed, lies another mystery!”  The obvious response to that quote is found in Scripture --- Job 11:7


“Can you fathom the mysteries of God?   Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?   They are higher than the heavens---what can you do? They are deeper than the depths of the grave---what can you know?  Their measure is longer than the Earth, and wider than the sea!” (NIV)


            In further support of an endless rendezvous with mysteries, unknowns, and created wonders is the statement uttered by my Boss, Dr. John O’Keefe, who was considered at one time the world’s authority on Earth’s Moon.  After the last of several Apollo missions to the Moon and after the data had been evaluated, he said ---“The missions to the Moon have only raised more questions about the body than have been answered.”

            Even Professor Albert Einstein alluded to and was intrigued by the probable existence of “undetectables.”  I quote him ---


“The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is the sower of all true science.  He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.  To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms.  This knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness!”


            In line with the above considerations of undetectable or hitherto undetected forces, it is also interesting to ponder the fact that a mere 200 years ago, man had no idea as to how light traveled through air and space, i.e. --- how does an image of a distant object also appear in our eyes?  About 200 years ago, Dr Herschel discovered and revealed that light rays reflected by, or emanating from, the surface of a distant object, moved as “waves” through air and space.  In view of that recent limit, imagine the frustrations of a “thinking  person,” living  previously to Dr. Herschel’s discovery --- As the “thinking person” pondered the physical existence of a tree 200 yards away, wondering: --- “ How come that tree, 200 yards distant, is somehow also in my eye?”  Plato simply explained that, “The eye went out to the tree.”  (Of course, if Plato said it, it must be so!)  I am sure most people could care less in those days how the tree was in their eye, and even today, most people are not impressed with scientific explanations.

            As we consider the several unseen forces listed above --- forces that Man has been made aware of only via scientific and technological instruments --- can anyone be reasonably skeptical or incredulous as to the indwelling and abiding residence of God in us as the Holy Spirit?  To the believer, the Holy Spirit manifests Himself as the liaison between God and the believer as He intercedes on mortal Man’s behalf to an Infinite and Holy God.

            The unbeliever is not blest with the Holy Spirit (which is bestowed into Man as he accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior).  If the unbeliever is objective and not inexorably rejecting toward an omniscient, omnipotent God, I believe he will also witness, in a Believer’s life-style, occasions of activities and manifestations that betray the presence of a “mysterious power” within the believer --- the Holy Spirit!

            In closing, we are reminded that God is a Spirit --- an existence infinitely beyond detection using our five senses as well as being beyond detection, identification, or description using scientific or technical tools.  If Man can imagine God and/or His nature, then He is not God --- He is simply an extremely brilliant and capable person!  So I say to my atheist friends and my agnostic friends, if it troubles you that you cannot detect the presence and existence of God by stretching your five God-given senses to their limits, try practicing on detecting with those 5 senses the several unseen forces that you KNOW exist because science can show proof of their existence --- proof that you seemingly accept carte blanche.  If you find that impossible, just consider further that there may well be forces that science has not yet detected and, plausibly, forces that exist forever undetectable by science.

            Einstein passed away, having spent the last few years of his life looking theoretically and mathematically for the “UNIVERSAL FORCE”!   I offer the probability that now he realizes the UNIVERSAL FORCE is GOD!