Books recommended and available from the Frederick Creation Society



 Bergman, Jerry,  Slaughter of the Dissidents  This is an extensive account of persecution against Darwin doubters.  


 Denton, Michael,  Evolution: A Theory in Crisis  A very important book by an agnostic molecular biologist/medical doctor about scientific problems of Darwinism.   


 Ferret, Vane,  The Evolution Handbook  A large resource on many topics.  Presents amazing plants and animals, with many references.  Some parts are outdated. 


 Geisler, Norman and Turek, Frank,  I Don't Have Enough Faith To be an Atheist  Addresses many issues about the Bible, Philosophy and Creation. 


 Gish, Duane,  Creationists Answer Their Critics  Reply to charges by evolutionists, written by one of the founders of modern creationism and a notable debater. 


 Gish, Duane,  Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record  An older, detailed account of the fossil record including mammals, fish and man. 


 Ham, Ken,  The Lie  Non-Technical book on the importance and scientific accuracy of Biblical Creation by the President of "Answers in Genesis."


 Johnson, Phillip,  Darwin on Trial  A very influential book on scientific and logical fallacies of Darwinism by a former law professor and a leader of the intelligent design movement. 


 Johnson, Phillip,  Reason in the Balance,  A further presentation with emphasis on philosophical, legal and societal aspects of naturalism                                                                                   


 Morris, Henry,  Scientific Creationism,  This is a thorough, basic textbook of scientific evidence for creation.


 Morris, Henry,  Some Call it Science  An informative brief booklet on creationism 


 Morris, Henry, The Long War Against God,  This important book presents a detailed account of evolutionary beliefs, starting with ancient cultures, and the resulting effects. 


 Morris, Henry, That Their Words May be Used Against Them,  A collection of more than two thousand quotes by evolutionists. 


 Morris, Henry and Whitcomb, John, The Genesis Flood  The classic book generally thought to have ignited the modern creation movement by Professor Morris, Hydraulic Engineer, past Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at Virginia Tech, and founder of the "Institute For Creation Research," and Bible scholar Dr Whitcomb.   


 Morris, Henry, The Troubled Waters of Evolution  A concise view of the history, scientific problems and harmful effects of evolution theory. 


 Morris, John  Geology  Basic Geology by the President of the "Institute of Creation Research."   


 Morris, John,  The Young Earth  An easy read about geological evidence for a young earth.


 Morris, John and Sherwin, Frank,  The Fossil Record  Recent book with many color photographs. 


 Parker, Gary,  Creation: The Facts of Life  The author was an evolutionist biology professor until he was challenged by his students.  Fine presentation of fossils and biology.


 Safarti, Jon, Refuting Evolution  An outstanding creationist rebuts dogmatic claims by evolution spokesman Richard Dawkins.  


 Schroder, Gerald,  The Hidden Face of God   Well written presentation of big bang cosmology and biology by a Jewish intelligent design advocate.  Most creationists would not agree with his view of the age of the earth which is based in part on ancient Jewish writings.


 Strobel Lee,  The Case for a Creator,  A newspaper reporter interviews prominent intelligent design proponents, and gives evidence for creation from physics, biology, and other fields.   


 Sunderland, Luther,  Darwin's Enigma   Reveals the increasing disunity among evolutionists, especially about fossil evidence


 Taylor, Ian,  In the Minds of Men   Historical, scientific and other facets of evolution by the president of "Creation Moments"


 Wilder, Smith A.E.,  Man's Origin, Man's Destiny An outstanding scholar's refutation of evolution theory   


     There are other books and resources available for loan or that can be recommended by the Frederick Creation Society.  










                                                      Creation Videos


   Astronomy 1  The Solar System    by Spike Psarris. Extensive evidence that casts great doubt on mainline theories on the origins of the planets, moons and comets in our solar system


   Astronomy 2  Our Created Stars and Galaxies    by Spike Psarris  Very significant findings incompatible with widely accepted evolutionary explanations


   Biblical Flood Update 2014    by Geologist Dr. John Morris.  Old and new findings confirm a worldwide flood


  Celebration of Creation    A marvelous talk by Dr. Timothy Standish about cooperation in contrast to struggle


   Deep Time Evolution: Anti-Biblical Philosophy Masquerading as Science    by Dr. Terry Mortenson. Logical and scientific reply to evolutionary claims


   Darwin's Dilemma     by Dr. Stephen Meyer  A video confirming the sudden appearance, without apparent predecessors, of almost all multicellular animal phyla in the Cambrian strata


   Demise of Darwinism this Year and The New Evolutionism    Two outstanding talks by Dr. Charles Jackson


   Did God Use Evolution?    Outstanding debate by Dr. Randy Guliuzza and Dr. Karl Giberson


   DNA by Design    by Dr.Stephen Meyer  Powerful demonstration of the intelligent design of DNA


   DNA The code of Life, information and Mutations    by Dr. Georgia Purdum  Shows that mutations are loss of information, not gains as claimed by evolution theory


   Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?    by Dr. David Menton  Quotes by evolutionists reply yes to this question.  Discusses feathers, vision and other subjects


   Expelled    Ben Stein goes to various countries and shows the harmful effects of dogmatic Darwinism


   Evolution, The Grand Experiment    False evidences for evolution at museums and other sites


   Evolution's Achilles Heels    A notable DVD about major flaws in evolutionary theory in 8 basic fields


   Fearfully and Wonderfully Made    by Dr. David Menton  An outstanding account of human conception, development and birth


   Flight: The Genius of Birds    Outstanding production in 2013 on the wonderful design and skills of birds


   Formed to Fly    Dr. David Menton  Details and wonders of Birds


   God of Wonders    Beautiful photography and narration about the marvelous physical world and life


   The Heavens Declare    by Dr.John Hartnett, creationist physicist and astronomer


   The High Tech Cell    by Dr. Robert Carter,  An in depth presentation of amazing new discoveries in genetics


   How Darwin Got it Wrong    by Dr. John Sanford. One of the best talks about origins


   How Evolution Hurts Science    by Dr. John Sanford, A revealing talk by a notable research professor


   Human Body, Divine Engineering    by Randy Guliuzza, engineer and M.D.


   Human Design, The Making of a Baby    by Dr. Randy Guliuzza. One of the best creation DVDs


   Inherently Wind    by Dr. David Menton  Detailed discussion of the Scopes Trial


   Is Genesis History?    A superb movie shown at hundreds of theaters can be viewed on DVDs


   Living Fossils    by Dr. Carl Werner. Creatures supposedly extinct for millions of years are found living today


   Living Waters    shows amazing abilities of sea creatures, including whales and porpoises


   Lucy, She's no Lady    by Dr. David Menton.  Extensive presentation about the "Lucy" fossil


   Made in his Image    discusses human eyes, hands, the miracle of birth and beauty in motion


   Metamorphosis    An amazing DVD showing the abilities and beauty of butterflies and their amazing development from caterpillars


   The Middle of the Action    by Dr. John Hartnett.  Our galaxy likely is at the center of the universe


   The Miracle of Life    The first micro-photograhy of human conception and the growth of the fetus and baby thru birth


   Origin - How did Life on Earth Begin?    Strong evidence against a naturalistic origin of life


   The Privileged Planet    The Earth is very likely the only planet in the universe where life exists


   Rocks Around The Clock    by Geologist Dr. Emil Silvestru. Current findings that support a young earth


   Spiders    A very interesting DVD about the varieties and marvelous abilities of spiders


   There is no Junk DNA    by Dr. Charles Jackson. This major claim for evolution has essentially been nullified


   What the Schools are Teaching    by Dr. Charles Jackson.  Students are indoctrinated with falsehoods on origins